Thursday, July 30, 2015

Supper Club Social Dinner

Supper Club Social Los Angeles

Last week I went to my first Supper Club Social dinner. Supper Club Social was started by Kimmie of Winston and Lou. Supper Club Social is an attempt to make the city of Los Angeles a little bit smaller by coming together around the dinner table. Once a month eight randomly selected guests will gather to enjoy a specialty cocktail, h'ordeuvres, a starter, entree, and dessert. The evening is a mix of guided conversation and social mingling. One of the other guests was actually a high school classmate! I had no idea Kimmie was a common friend. It was great catching up with my old classmate and her boyfriend and meeting the other guests.

The dinner I attended was over in Westwood (near UCLA) and we dined al fresco. Kimmie did such a wonderful job hosting! All I had to do was show up!
Supper Club Social Los Angeles
(blurry) photo I took of the menu for the night

Supper Club Social Los Angeles
Kimmie used her Cricut machine to cut out each guest's name

Supper Club Social Los Angeles
Two delicious drink options

Supper Club Social Los Angeles
Delicious appetizers

Supper Club Social Los Angeles
homemade (baked) churros

Thank you, Kimmie for including me! If you are in the Los Angeles area (or visiting!) you can sign up for Social Club Social here.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Boden Back to School Nautical

Nautical by Nature | Boden back to school fall 2015
Catch of the day t shirt, $26 | Maritime t shirt, $26 | Creatures of the deep t shirt, $26
Lobster shirt, $26 | Coastal sweater, $52 | Catch of the day t shirt, $26
Washed half zip, $38 | Vintage hoody, $46

Nautical by Nature | Boden back to school fall 2015

Applique sweatshirt, $44 | Chambray jersey tunic, $38 | Coastal t shirt, $28

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Computer!

This is my first post from my new MacBook computer! My beloved pink Dell finally died and I went weeks without a computer. It wasn't too bad at first, I still had my iPhone and I used the computer at work for anything work related. Last week I had planned on going to the Apple Store but of course H got sick and I was housebound all day, all of last week. After work I was just exhausted and decided to stick it out for a few more days. I finally ordered my laptop and it arrived yesterday. I really wanted something light and efficient for grad school so I splurged on a MacBook Air. So far I love it though I am still getting used to having a Mac.

I am looking forward to getting back into posting more frequently. August is going to be a very busy month and I have a lot to share!
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