Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meet the newest members of my elephant family

This jeweled beauty is a good luck elephant from the Sydney Zoo (the colors aren't showing up well but she's mostly pink and red):

I went into J.Crew the other day and found this keychain on sale for $3! The material is like a faux leather:

And this print from Sarah Jane Studios on Etsy:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Primp at Hautelook

I love Primp and this week it is featured on This site has sales for various designers and there are so many great finds! The Primp sale lasts for over 24 more hours. It is free to register. Please enter my email as the "sponsor" if you do end up signing up (

Here is what I got (since I already have the other thermal and v-neck shirt!):

Look what was on my doorstep!

My Christmas in July swap package from Maria!

Hand-made coffee cup cozy!

Pink and green tissue holder/cozy:

"K" charm (can't wait to add this to my charm bracelet):

Hmm what's in here?

The most AWESOME Melbourne necklace (scrabble tile with part of 1950s Rand McNally Atlas decoupaged):

Regifted goodie is a cute little Mr. Softee's icecream truck (a NYC summer staple). I love the song it plays!:

Red and green amigurumi (kind of Japanese crochet) ornaments:

Cute Kate Spade card:

Maria is (obviously) way more creative than I am ;)
I am so happy she is my partner for 2 swaps!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The preppy cardigan

Those of you that subscribe to The Daily Buss have probably already seen this. The email the other day was "Prep U: Cheap-Chic Boyfriend Sweaters for YOU!" Of course I had to buy this cardigan from Delia's (which is getting cuter and cuter). It is called the Blair Preppy Cardigan and I am SURE it is named after our favorite preppy Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf.

The good news: $44.50!
The bad news: backordered until NOVEMBER!

Monday, July 28, 2008

I LOVE these anchor stud earrings by Bing Bang but $99?? They better go on sale! I haven't found many pairs of anchor studs that I like. I may check out Etsy for something a bit cheaper

Have a great week everyone. I am just counting down the minutes until Las Vegas on Friday. I am so ready for vacation!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Last night I had dinner with these girls:

That's me on the far left (with my glasses), Danielle's sister Jessica, Danielle, and Jill

The other LA bloggers had to cancel but we will reschedule!

The rest of this weekend will be spent relaxing, online shopping (finally got my check from my hell week of babysitting), and getting ready for VEGAS next weekend!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Let's romp with the elephants

I LOVE Romp. I got the elephant (duh) wallpaper critter as a present. My mom insisted we repaint my room before putting it up and months (a year even?) later it still isn't up on my wall. I am adding that to my to do list!
Here are my favorite things from Romp:

The wallpaper critters are BIG (here's a cute photo that shows their size):

Similar to the style I got:

You can also do monogrammed/initialed pillows:

Cute elephant toy:

I LOVE mobiles. I think this will be the next one I get:

This was my first. I took it with me to college and it doesn't really hang up anymore. Instead I have it pinned to the wall:

The penguin one is my newest mobile:

I just love these (decorations, bookends, not sure):

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I love hearing what everyone's dream jobs are so please keep posting them on the previous post :) Looks like a lot of you want to open your own preppy boutiques!

Thanks to One Fabulous Mom for giving me this blog award! I can't wait to meet her tomorrow night :)

E at Some Like It Hot tagged me to find six words that describe how I'm feeling right now:

1. Full-I just had a delicious dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Anna's. My family has been going there since I was a baby!
2. Motivated-My room is getting super messy with all my shopping goodies! So today I started cleaning up and organizing. I blasted Abba and got to work! Plus after I write this I will put on some One Tree Hill and get on the stationary bike. Vegas is just a week away so time to step it up!
3. Excited-I am meeting some of my favorite bloggers tomorrow night! I can't wait to meet everyone in person. I better remember to wear at least a couple of anchor items ;)
4. Sad-I admit I miss having those carseats in the back of my car and two little boys sitting in them. 5. I am glad I get to see them again on Sunday
6. Mad-I am mad that my haircut didn't turn out how I wanted. She totally screwed up my bangs! But I am more upset with myself for not speaking up and asking her to fix them (so LA bloggers who meet me tomorrow-don't judge me by my hair!)

I tag:
Pretty in Pearls
The Prep-E Girl

If only

So I have written before about my (unrealistic and crazy) dream of being a celebrity nanny. Now of course I want to finish college and go into forensic psych and all that good stuff. BUT I would LOVE to spend a year or two doing this (this is an actual ad from a nanny agency in LA, my comments are bolded):

"We are an agency who has been hired by a Hollywood Power couple to help them find the BEST nanny (me DUH) for the infant. This couple is busy busy busy and we are helping them to find a true team player to help them look after their baby. They want to find someone who can really dedicate themselves to this position and become a part of their family.

Candidate must have a minimum of 4 years recent experience as a full charge, full time nanny (ok I don't have full time experience but I am not opposed to slave labor in this case). Experience with newborns is a must...any child development courses is also a bonus!!! We want to find to a creative, fun, energetic and responsible person to be a role model for this young adorable baby.

The parents are big on the Hollywood scene and need to find a caregiver who is savvy and poised and will not be flustered when in the presence of A listers (I won't be flustered, I'll just blog about it later ;) And I am totally A list anyway).

The most important part of this position is flexibility!! The parents live a lavish and exciting life and may jet away to Paris, an exotic Island or New York at a moments notice and want you to be able to come with them!(umm sign me up now!)

Because this is a High Profile position, you must have a clean background, valid CA driver's license, and impeccable references.

Schedule is on call...salary DOE, starting at $60k...up to $100k for the BEST!"

What's your dream job? And be totally honest!

Another anchor hoodie?

Last night I saw this Primp anchor hoodie (but in white) at Cusp. It was on sale but, in my opinion, not worth $94 (plus it fit kind of weirdly).

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sing, sing a song

I was tagged by Red and White Preppy to share 5 songs I am embarrassed to admit to others that I like (I actually am rarely embarrassed by my music choices but I definitely should be!)

1. "What Dreams are Made Of" by Lizzie McGuire/Hil Duff- I just love this song. I used to blast it while driving with my friends (which probably got really annoying). I own the Lizzie movie soundtrack and there are so many good songs on there!
2. "Faded" by Soul Decision-this song was "cool" for like 2 minutes years ago. I still listen to it.
3. "Lady in Red" by Chris De Burgh- I LOVE this song. It is about as cheesy as you can get but I don't care
4. "Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom" by the Vengaboys- I really don't have a reason or excuse.
5. "Blue (Da ba dee)" by Eiffel 65-You know you love(d) this song too!

I tag:
Nor-Cal Girl
Barefoot in the Park
Etiquettely Correct
Houndstooth and Nail

Cutest necklace holder

I really want this pink and white polka dot necklace holder. I can't remember if I posted it before (sad, I know!).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

These shoes never go on sale!

I want these Lacoste shoes so bad but they never go on sale! I just can't justify buying over $100 shoes right now. But aren't they cute??

LA bloggers who want to be included in the meetup:
Please email me! I do not want to post the meetup details here (you never know what cyber stalkers we have!). Plan on Friday night though :)
nauticalbynature at gmail . com

Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend recap

I am way too tired to do a proper post so here is my weekend in photos:

Digging at the park:

Yes, I bought them a deadly slip n slide

our amazing fort:

The adorable Lilly dress I saw at Marshalls (lobsters or crabs on there):

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Run, don't walk, over to the Pink Clutch's online store: Monogram Me!! She is offering free shipping until July 30th!

I can't wait to get the Lilly P lamp shade :) I will be stocking up as soon as I am paid for my week of babysitting!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Attention LA Bloggers!

Let's (finally) set a date for our happy hour (or dinner, coffee, whatever we want to do). Here are the bloggers who are in the area that I know of:

La Di Dah
Peeptoe Pumps and Pearls who will be visitingWell That's Just Fabulous
Muffy Martini
One Fabulous Mom

I know from using Statcounter that there are some other regular readers in the area. So please comment if you would like to join in. I think the best thing to do would be comment with dates you are available next week. We can then set up the where and when details through email!

Betseyville anchor bags

From Karmaloop:

Not really a fan of the first two but I LOVE the cosmetic case!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

With my latest paycheck I bought

these two things (and put the rest into my savings account):

From Under the Palm Tree I bought this Lilly anchor charm bracelet (it was on sale for half the price!)

And from Delias
I got these loafers with faux fur lining. I had a pair like this from Target but I pretty much ruined them in Melbourne so time for a new pair

Coupon code: GET15 (15% off the new collection)

Yesterday was exhausting. These kids have way too much going on and it is nearly impossible to get them to bed on time. I stocked up at the dollar bins at Target so this week bribery is my new best friend!

I am so annoyed with the JCrew website! Everything I want still says "Null." Does that mean it isn't actually on sale or what??

Monday, July 14, 2008

preppy paper swap!

Well, coincidence or fate, I have the same swap partner for the preppy paper swap (Maria)! Here are my answers:

-my favorite colors: Pink!, navy blue, kelly green
-anything I especially love: ANCHORS (anything nautical), close second=elephants. I also love whales and crocodiles/alligators
-how often I entertain and/or types of parties I host: I don't really entertain but I do love sending cards/letters to friends and the children I babysit for. Once I am back in DC for school I may host a dinner party for friends
-my monogram: KJH

Friday, July 11, 2008

Nancy Drew, fashion icon?

I admit it: I saw this movie in the theater and really liked it. My mom is a huge Nancy Drew fan (she has early editions of all the books) and I've read the books too. The movie was on TV in Australia right before I left and I had forgotten how cute (and preppy) Nancy's outfits are.

My favorite

Love those loafers!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A 2 story TJ Maxx?!

So on my way back from lunch on Friday I stopped at TJ Maxx/Homegoods. My mom had (stupidly) told me this was one of the best stores she'd been to because it is 2 stories (clothing on one and then homegoods on the top)! So I had to stop and check it out.

Here's what I found:
Lilly tennis dress/nightgown (found in the PJ section)

I tried on this Lilly dress (labeled 2 sizes too big but I figured I could take it in) and it got stuck! I almost couldn't get it off! I am now assuming it must have been a child's size :/

Loved these Lilly shorts and mini skirt (not in my size though)

Such a cute Vineyard Vines dress:

This tank top was only $4 so I had to get it ;) (Despite my annoyance with people from there who call it "the 'Bu")

Cutest basket (bought it):

Loved this laundry basket (?)

Anchor/nautical placemats:

When I was leaving I saw the whale basket in pink and green (bought it too). Put my headbands in it :)

More Vera Bradley stationery:
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