Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anchored Style BOGO Promotion

Today, Wednesday, 24 hour promotion! Buy one polo shirt and get one FREE! Use promo code: BoGoPolo

How cute is the little anchor logo on the left side?

This is my favorite color: sailors' navy! There are three other colors available.

Mens polo available too.
Classic white:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Harding-Lane Hats

Nautical needle-point hats? What more can you ask for?! Harding-Lane's ocean-inspired, needle-point baseball caps reflect the environment while focusing on simplicity. The team behind Harding-Lane give back part of their profits to environmental organizations in order to save the places they love. Cute product and a great cause!


Saturday, August 27, 2011


I've read that a few bloggers are having issues with scheduled posts changing over to drafts and then not publishing. I have the opposite issue (and it's my own fault really). I schedule posts for random days and then forget. BAM I have a post on a weekend. Ooops! The post that went up today will go up at another time.

Lesson of this post: triple check scheduled posts!

Friday, August 26, 2011

What I Wear to Work

I've had a couple of readers email me and ask what I wear to work as a nanny. There are a few very different opinions on what nannies should wear (uniform vs. no uniform, sweatpants vs. jeans or khakis, etc). I think it depends on your job (how old the kids are, what the family is like, etc). Some nannies have to wear a uniform (an actual uniform or something like khakis and a polo). I would never wear a skirt or dress (possibly with leggings under but doubtful). I don't feel comfortable in a tank top or anything too revealing (you'd be surprised at what you see at the park sometimes!). I think comfort is most important. I spend so much time playing around on the floor with H, walking, running, etc. I don't want to worry that I'm flashing someone going down the slide! I also understand that being a nanny is a JOB and there should still be some sort of professionalism in the way you dress and represent the family (does that make sense?). I think I would dress differently if I was looking after older kids. I'd probably wear ballet flats, jeans, and a polo.

Here's what I usually wear:
Summer/warmer weather: J.Crew (or similar) 5 inch shorts and a polo shirt (Lands End ruffle neck, Lilly P or Vineyard Vines). I usually wear my running shoes since I do quite a bit of walking. If we're going to be out and about I might wear flip flops instead.
The rest of the year: Lululemon pants, jeans or cords (if it's cooler out). Polo shirt (same as above). Hoodie (I love ones from Old Navy, J.Crew and Vineyard Vines). I love Lululemon pants. I know some people think they look too unprofessional or like sweatpants. But I think they still look put together but casual.


I know I have a few readers that are (or were) nannies. What do you think is appropriate? If you have a nanny, do you have a dress code for her? I'm curious!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nautical Photo of the Week: Ocean City Anchor

Jessica from Jes Getting Started emailed me a photo of an anchor she saw in Ocean City, Maryland. This anchor was actually pulled up from a wreck near the island that is referred to as The Sailboat Wreck from the 1870s!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Inspiration for Fall

During spring and summer it's easy to find anchor, whale and sailboat prints. You can go overboard with nautical (ha!). I don't think you can ever really go overboard with nautical but that's just me ;) But during fall and winter it can be hard to find the right nautical look. Here are some looks that don't go over the top. They are subtle nautical looks. Add an anchor necklace or sailboat earrings to complete the look.

From J.Crew:
Main piece: Maritime blazer

Main piece: Around-town sweatshirt (in yacht blue)

From Vineyard Vines:
Main piece: Abbey Dress (she has the navy paired with brown shoes!)

Main piece: Vineyard Navy Corduroy Skirt

From Lilly Pulitzer:
Main piece: Christy Shirtdress (the red tights are so very Blair Waldorf!)

Main piece: Tandie Top

What fall trends are you going to try?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to incorporate nautical into Fall and Winter (part 1)

It's rare to find nautical pieces during fall and winter. But don't stress: you can make nautical work year round! I'm lucky to live in a place where you can wear flip flops and shorts pretty much year round so those can be the nautical details. If you live somewhere where that isn't possible then you need to think of other ways to incorporate nautical details. I will be doing a series of blog posts devoted to the nautical look year round.

1. Add brown to navy. I think navy is inherently nautical (duh!). The navy and white color combination is perfect for spring and summer. Add brown during fall and winter. I've blogged about this outfit before. I just love it! The brown bag and brown sandals make this look less summery. I think this outfit is perfect for the beginning of fall when it is still warm enough for shorts and sandals. As it gets cooler: add jeans and brown riding boots, striped sweater instead of t shirt. I think sailor striped shirts and sweaters are super easy to transition into fall and winter.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Vineyard Vines Fall 2011

I have yet to see this newest catalog but I've seen a few blog posts on the fall new arrivals and I already have a wishlist! Here are my favorites:

I will probably get these Printed Whales Knit Lazy Pants in all three colors (or at least pink!). I think they are too cute and look so comfortable.

Don't you love the little blue whales and back pocket?

Would it be too matchy match to wear this adorable Regimental Stripe Headband with my pink pants? I am loving the colors in this fall line: soft pink with navy and white

I already have one Vineyard Vines makeup bag but I think you can never have too many cute bags! These are the perfect size to throw in your purse or take on a trip. Tie Stripe Make Up Bag

Maybe it's because I'm writing this on a Saturday afternoon but apparently I have lounge on the brain! Another pair of lounge pants: Nautical Flag Whale Lazy Pants.

Closeup of the pattern:

Nautical AND paisley? Well hello there Nautical Paisley Margo Skirt! This pattern is also available in a dress. I think navy is the key to transition your favorite summer nautical looks into fall (stay tuned for a whole post about this)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Nautical Photo of the Week: Nautical Baby Jill

Reader Carol A. sent me these photos of her daughter Jill (who is now 21!). How adorable is her pink seersucker sailor dress?!

Don't forget to email me YOUR nautical outfit or photo!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Harry Potter!

This post isn't exactly back to school related BUT I figure books sort of go with school right? ;) If you haven't read Harry Potter you MUST read the books at some point!

The most exciting part of my staycation: I finally saw the final Harry Potter movie!!! I had seen all the movies at midnight (except the first) so I was sad that I didn't see this one at midnight. BUT it is just too hard to go at midnight and work the next day (I saw the midnight show of Deathly Hallows Part 1 and the next day of work was NOT pretty). I wasn't in that big of a rush to see the final movie since it is the last one. I almost felt like seeing it made it even more OVER :(

I still remember when I read the first book. My stepmom gave it to me when it first came out but I put off reading it for a few months. I've never been into sci-fi so I didn't think I'd like it (HA!). I took a trip to visit family in Missouri and brought the book along. Boy was I glad I brought it! My cousins live in the middle of nowhere and I am NOT one with nature. While the cousins were off swimming in a lake with leeches (!!!) I sat and read Harry Potter. I was HOOKED from then on!

First movie

Last movie

Did you read Harry Potter? Are you a fan of the movies?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School: Nautical Dorm Decor

Decals are perfect for dorm walls, desk, etc. So easy to put them around your room and instantly personalize! My favorites:
Seahorse and name decal:
Nautical by Nature blog: Nautical Dorm Decor

Anchor and monogram decal:
Nautical by Nature blog: Nautical Dorm Decor

Wire Starfish hooks (make sure you can put nails in your walls before putting these up!):
Nautical by Nature blog: Nautical Dorm Decor

Storage boxes from Scout (this one has dividers but there are so many different options-open, underbed, etc):
Nautical by Nature blog: Nautical Dorm Decor

Whale throw blanket (also available in starfish):

Anchor pillow:
Nautical by Nature blog: Nautical Dorm Decor

Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School

Ok I'm not going back to school (yet) but it's almost that time of the year! I am doing a whole week of back to school posts so get ready! I decided to do my back to school posts a couple of weeks before school actually starts so that you have time to order any of the things I feature in time for your first day!

It still feels weird NOT to be getting ready for school. Sometimes on sunday nights I get this feeling like I'm forgetting to do my homework. And then I remember I don't have homework! I don't need to go buy new uniforms (from k-12 I wore a uniform) or make the trek to Bed Bath and Beyond with my dorm wish list. I do still buy school supplies. I LOVE when stores put out the school supply displays.

I've always planned on going onto graduate school so I know that papers and exams and all that (not) fun stuff will be part of my life again (that is going to be TOUGH!). Until then I will just live vicariously through my readers who are off to school in just a few weeks.

Are you off to high school? College? Graduate school? Are your kids starting school? Leave a comment and let me know!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Preppy Cards

I've seen Preppy Cards on some other blogs and I instantly fell in love with their designs! Even better: there is now a Preppy Cards blog!

I strongly believe that you can NEVER have too much stationery! Preppy Cards offers flat cards, gift stickers, return labels, bookplate labels and LOTS MORE!

Choose between a variety of collections including critters, monograms, shoes, and more. My favorite collections are below

Palm Beach Collection:

The Bag Collection:

The sporting collection has some fun nautical designs!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Dahl House Nautical Hooded Towels promotion

What's sweeter than a baby splashing around in the water? Wrapping him or her up in the Dahl House's new hooded towels! I think these nautical themed hooded towels would make the perfect baby gift! If you order a towel by Friday, August 12th, the $10.00 personalization fee will be waived. No code needed!

Pink whale:

Pink and green sailboat:

Navy whale:

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