Thursday, August 18, 2011

Harry Potter!

This post isn't exactly back to school related BUT I figure books sort of go with school right? ;) If you haven't read Harry Potter you MUST read the books at some point!

The most exciting part of my staycation: I finally saw the final Harry Potter movie!!! I had seen all the movies at midnight (except the first) so I was sad that I didn't see this one at midnight. BUT it is just too hard to go at midnight and work the next day (I saw the midnight show of Deathly Hallows Part 1 and the next day of work was NOT pretty). I wasn't in that big of a rush to see the final movie since it is the last one. I almost felt like seeing it made it even more OVER :(

I still remember when I read the first book. My stepmom gave it to me when it first came out but I put off reading it for a few months. I've never been into sci-fi so I didn't think I'd like it (HA!). I took a trip to visit family in Missouri and brought the book along. Boy was I glad I brought it! My cousins live in the middle of nowhere and I am NOT one with nature. While the cousins were off swimming in a lake with leeches (!!!) I sat and read Harry Potter. I was HOOKED from then on!

First movie

Last movie

Did you read Harry Potter? Are you a fan of the movies?


  1. I love Harry Potter!

    I own the series of books & we have every DVD thus far. We also have the DVD game, Legos, wands, etc. Yeah, the whole family is hooked.

  2. Huge HP geek here! Read the entire series twice. I'm super stoked to go to Wizarding World at Universal this fall!!

  3. I love HP! Too funny - I actually put it in my post today too.

  4. I'm definitely a Harry Potter girl! They were so adorable in the first movie, haha.


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