Friday, October 31, 2008

Just saw these adorable gloves on Daily Candy:

"50% of proceeds from these dainty White + Warren cashmere hand warmers go to Women at Risk, a program that helps women at high risk for and with breast cancer".

J.Crew sale

Hurry hurry!

Printed wellies $19.99

Ballet flats a bit out of my budget but SO cute!

Great work blouse

adorable sweater

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Work it

While it feels like I have been working forever now, I actually have only been at my office for 2 weeks (this is week 3). I meant to post my work clothing finds a while ago but forgot (oops!). Here's what I wore so far:

Work by katej05
(CLICK on the item you want to get more info on and it will take you to my Polyvore. Then on the lower right it will list the items I included)

I have the navy vest but not the shirt under it. I wore it with the oxford next to it. I have that adorable ruffle neck cardigan in white AND black (but couldn't find a photo of it in black). I wear the tops with a great pair of black pants from Banana Republic (on sale-yay!) or the dressy pants from the Limited that I found for under $20 at Marshalls. It looks like I may need another top or two. Luckily it is sweater season so I may be able to just wear different sweaters ;)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

How cute is this Australian designer's line, Mink Pink?

From Intuition:

BOTH of my sisters have this shirt now so I had to get it too ;) They have it in black (with white bow) and I have it in white (with black bow). It is available at Intuition in black (XS, M) and white (XS, S, M). Intuition is currently offering free shipping!

HOWEVER, after some careful online investigating I found the shirt in white for less (if you use the code I provide below) HERE in white in XS, M, L. Use coupon code "DLSAVINGS" for 25% off (expires today, 10/29) and they are doing free shipping too!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Three Potato Four

How cute is this site? And they have a blog (and live in NoVA)!

I love this whale chalkboard:

Giraffe and Elephant tray:

Wooden elephant:

whale stickers:

Plaid tea set:

Measuring cup set:

Monday, October 27, 2008

Yes, please...

From J.Crew:

Wishing and hoping!

I have a HUGE interview tomorrow so if you: wish, hope, pray, think positively or anything like that then please think of me tomorrow :)

After tomorrow I will be blogging like crazy and reading the 100+ posts in my google reader!

From my lovely readers

Nautical Wall Hook set from Flamingos and Flip Flops:

Bracelet from Ms. Mindless:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cute dress


Saturday, October 25, 2008


My parents are flying in and we are driving to Pittsburgh for the big game tomorrow! WOOHOOO! If only I didn't have a huge exam Monday afternoon...

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Shout out

to all these FAB bloggers (who gave me awards in the past month and I didn't always acknowledge on here-sorry!) I HATE having to choose people to pass the awards onto so I avoid it like the plague. I read so many blogs that it is too hard to choose just a few. So check out these blogs asap :)

Life is Reed-iculous!
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Are we there yet, Candice?
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Positively Preppy in Pink
The Monogrammed Nest
Landlocked Mermaid
The Preppy Pearl
Pink Cupcake
Dugout Daisy
Tales of a Northern Belle

J.Timberlake Part 2


Now I thought my videos were pretty good. Then I saw the other videos on youtube and mine really suck compared to them. But I will still share them. Know that you can look up additional clips on youtube :) My camera doesn't zoom when I shoot a video so it looks like I am super far away even though I wasn't. Enjoy!

Justin and Adam Levine

Extended version of Justin and Adam (not mine):

Justin and 50 Cent

Want JT gear? Spend $25 or more
and receive a FREE tshirt with coupon code JTIFreeTee
I personally love the SEXYBACK shorts and have a pair in red (seriously)

The post you've all been waiting for (PART 1)

(if you are a Justin Timberlake fan!)

So this past weekend was the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open (whew that's a mouthful!) It was a golf tournament though I didn't go to any of those events. Friday night was the charity concert, JT and Friends (though I don't think he is actually friends with the Jonas Brothers but whatever). Since I was with my family, it wasn't exactly like the last time I went to see JT (when some legal stalking may have occurred). The concert highlights (these are in reverse order for some reason):

Lionel Richie and Justin perform together for the finale

JT and 50 Cent (saw him before with Eminem-really good performer)

Bringing sexyback

With Adam Levine from Maroon 5


Rihanna rocking out

What a hottie

Boys II Men (after JT, they definitely had the most people standing and singing along)

Leona Lewis

My future husband

The Jonas Brothers. I don't like them. I do think the youngest one is cute though

Stay tuned for Part 2: videos!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The good, the bad, and the ugly

I saw this on someone else's blog and I just can't remember who it was (I searched and searched in my google reader, I swear!) so let me know if it was your blog!

The bad: Getting up before the sun
The good: Hot guys (in their suits) on the metro

The good: I can read your blogs from work
The bad: I can't comment (somehow blogspot isn't blocked but blogger is?)

The bad: I was super early to work yesterday morning
The good: We have an awesome supply closet (your tax dollars at work-thanks guys ;) )

The bad: Almost everyone in my office was working at home or in the field yesterday
The good: I left early!

The bad: Having way too much on my to do list
The good: My class is canceled tonight!

The bad: A certain store's coupon code (that was always supposed to work) doesn't work anymore (add their site to "the ugly")
The good: I saved some money

Justin Timberlake/Vegas post tomorrow! (and there will be videos)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

GG on Bluefly

For Blair's closet: here

For Serena's closet: here

For Jenny's closet: here
Ok so I know I JUST posted about saving money and all that. Well I needed to make an "investment" today. I bought the pink and white stripe Lacoste headband.

Now I would not normally spend $14 on a headband (I usually get them on sale at J.Crew, Target, etc) but these are so comfy! I got the pink one as a present last spring and never get a headache. I can wear this headband all day. So I of course had to get the striped one. It appears that the Lacoste website is not stocking the striped headbands right now. I did find them here. I got mine at the Lacoste store near me.

While in Las Vegas I exchanged the earrings I got from my sister (I already had them) and got this cupcake necklace.

I couldn't find it on the Juicy Couture website but Nordstrom's carries it.

Blog business:
I will have the JT/Vegas post up asap!
Giveaway winners: I sent out your presents so please email me/comment when you get them so I know they made it to you :)
Prissy Southern Prep-I tried to accept your blog invite and I keep getting an error message. I'll try again later

Monday, October 20, 2008


Free shipping on these great pink and green items:


Cosmetic bag:


And some pink and brown
Messenger bag

Friday, October 17, 2008

Saving Money Part 2

I gave you some saving tips back in August. With the current economic situation it is important to discuss these again. Here is what works for me:

1. Shop at stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, and Target.
2. Buy things off season (end of the season sales)
3. Ebay is your friend!
4. I don't cash any of my babysitting paychecks. I immediately deposit them into my savings account. Same with any cash I get. I try to keep about $20-40 in cash in my wallet. The rest goes into my bank account.
5. I never pay full price. I use coupons and codes. If I can't find one, I don't buy it.

Check out Shopaholic D's tip on buying an "it" item or two each season. Since I am starting an internship (finally) for the first time, I needed more than just an "it" item or two. But I am keeping it simple (and cheap) with a couple of nice pants and a couple of nice tops (from TJ Maxx and the Ann Taylor sale racks). My "it" item was a cute black cardigan. I can wear it with anything! I will just rotate these items and make new looks. A lot of fashion magazines suggest doing the same thing.

Vacation. Finally!

I leave in just a few minutes for Las Vegas. These past 2 weeks have been so busy and stressful. I haven't returned my birthday calls or any calls really. I haven't talked to my friends in Australia for days :(

BUT I do love my internship so far. But the metro has been driving me nuts. I HATE being late and of course my first morning I was late after a 40 minute delay. And then today there was a 1-2 hour delay so I had to cab home so I could get to class in time.

This weekend I am relaxing and enjoying my FH, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE ;) Maybe even getting my hair cut. OOOH new bangs maybe?

Have a great weekend everyone! I promise to get to my blog reader eventually (and send out those giveaway presents!)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Swaps Part 2

Fall swap from Red and White Preppy (she also sent some candy but N and I ate it all before I took the photo)

Wicked swap from Etiquettely Correct

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Unpreppy confession of the week

My pajamas: they aren't preppy at all. They have holes yet I love them and won't get rid of them. My friends can tell you all about the Sponge Bob boxers (they are so soft and comfy though) and my ratty concert t shirts (Britney, Rolling Stones, BSB, whatever). The holes in the armpits of the tshirts are so big that I often put my head through them by accident! But I am trying. I really am. I now alternate my Sponge Bob boxers (I've never even watched Sponge Bob!) with my Lilly Pulitzer PJ pants :)

Does anyone else want to make an unpreppy confession??

Rain Boots!

Just checking my email before I head off to work and saw some really cute nautical/anchor rain boots at Piperlime

Check them out HERE

I especially love the red and navy Sperry Top-Sider Pelican Lug Tall Boot (Apparently Rachel Zoe does too!)

There is another pair with anchors and I think I saw some cute whales!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Short and Sweet (weekend update)

This weekend/week has been crazy busy so not nearly enough time to update! I had a great visit with my sister. It was way too short AND the three of us didn't kill each other. We had perfect weather all weekend. The party went well though no one really ate my PB&J sandwiches (I even used cookie cutters!). I of course forgot to take pictures. Oops. We did a childhood/kid theme with the food (hot dogs, ice creme sandwiches) and drinks (lemonade, shirley temples=spiked of course!). Sunday the three sisters spent some quality time together at the zoo. My sister who was visiting had never been even though she spent 3 years here for law school! Sunday night we ordered pizza and watched "What Happens in Vegas." As you may remember I loved the clothing and Ashton looked so good. I may actually buy it on DVD.

Tomorrow I start my internship. FINALLY! Of course it is hot and I don't have any work appropriate skirts. Let's hope they like the AC at my office. Friday I leave for Las Vegas. 2 words: Justin Timberlake. Since I am going with family instead of friends, I don't think I will be able to "follow" (aka stalk) JT the way I have before. That story is a whole other post though ;)

Shopping trip to TJ Maxx

I brought my camera with me to TJ Maxx on Friday. Here is what I found (and you guys can guess what I actually bought!):

Cute hamper

Pink and brown teddies in the baby section

Lilly pants

Rugby by Ralph Lauren has hit!

Pink Lilly top

Ralph Lauren pink and green cardigan

Cute photo album


Pink and green washcloths

New Vera Bradley:

I got the pink and green lamp shade

Picture frame I bought

These boxes are adorable and make great gifts ($2.99 I think)

What I actually bought:
the lamp shade ($1.99 I think), picture frame ($6?), little box
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