Thursday, October 30, 2008

Work it

While it feels like I have been working forever now, I actually have only been at my office for 2 weeks (this is week 3). I meant to post my work clothing finds a while ago but forgot (oops!). Here's what I wore so far:

Work by katej05
(CLICK on the item you want to get more info on and it will take you to my Polyvore. Then on the lower right it will list the items I included)

I have the navy vest but not the shirt under it. I wore it with the oxford next to it. I have that adorable ruffle neck cardigan in white AND black (but couldn't find a photo of it in black). I wear the tops with a great pair of black pants from Banana Republic (on sale-yay!) or the dressy pants from the Limited that I found for under $20 at Marshalls. It looks like I may need another top or two. Luckily it is sweater season so I may be able to just wear different sweaters ;)


  1. Where on earth did you get the sleeveless sweater with the turtle neck like top?! I LOVE THAT!!!

  2. I swear I am the only person too stupid to figure out how to use polyvore.

    That sweater vest is nothing short of adorable. I think you're going to have to post a link to wear you bought it. It looks Lilly, but I think I saw one like it at Old Navy...Show me so I can get one too!

  3. Very cute! I wish I had an internship or job to get dressed up for!

  4. You know, if we didn't feel so old, we might consider toddling on into the nearest Old find so many darling things there Miss Nautical, it is amazing. :-)

    And we are *so* relieved to read Mrs. Newlywed's comment... now we know there are to of us who seem to be "Polyvore Challenged."

    Happy, Happy Halloween!

  5. You should check out some J.Crew Jackie Cardigans. They are on sale now. They come in beautiful bright colors, are 4 season, and very versatile. I live in them!


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