Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last day for The Elegant Setting and Sharp Hill Designs coupon codes!

Catherine of Sharp Hill Designs is offering readers 20% off her bags! Enter code: nauticalbynature (expires 3/31) to receive 20% off your entire order!

Angela weekend bag for PLAY
Sarah everyday bag for WORK
Grace clutch for PARTY

The Elegant Setting: Receive 10% off all orders with code: NAUTICAL10 (expires 3/31)

Anchor tote (this would be so cute monogrammed!):

Linen napkins:

Anchor cups:

Nautical Photo of the Week: Ships in Malta and England

These photos were submitted by Mikaela. They were taken by Mikaela in Malta (first two photos) and England (third photo).

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anchored Style 30% off TODAY ONLY (3/30)

30% OFF any purchase. Enter code: Golden30 at checkout (valid only on March 30)

**All styles are available in unisex sizing**

I bought this long sleeve t shirt (below) and I LOVE it! I was worried about the sizing but it fits perfectly. So comfortable and so nautical!

Long sleeve nautical flag shirt

Short sleeve porthole t shirt (this is the back):

Short sleeve whiskey flag shirt:



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Organizing My Desk (part 1)

A couple of weeks ago I switched from a table to an actual desk (I was basically waiting for my mom to order a new desk and give me her old one). I was so happy that my sister offered to help me organize! She is the queen of organizing! I was really sick and she pretty much went to work putting everything away (I just sat on the couch and watched). I think my desk looks great (there will be a part 2 with photos of the actual desk)

On top of desk:

An inbox is so important. I put everything (receipts, mail, bills, etc) into this box and then go through it once a week (put everything into the correct file, pay bills, shred receipts I don't need)

Snail mail organizer: I keep stamps, cards, address labels and stickers in this so that I can write snail mail when I have extra time. I have so much stationery! It sits in 2 huge boxes in my room. I keep the snail mail organizer stocked so I can quickly write notes when I have a few extra minutes (watching tv, etc). This way I am not searching around for address labels or stamps!

Tray for odds and ends that I use most often (tape, post its, scissors, mail opener, pens). I usually keep those blue and white K post its on the tray but I forgot to put them back tonight. Oops! The purple bear/dog (?) is a staple-less stapler (it supposedly folds down the corners in a way that keeps pages together). I just think it's cute! I also have some stickers (for sealing envelopes) and a heart shaped paperweight (with an elephant on it). The cup is Elmer the elephant (great kid book)

Photos of 2 drawers: My drawers are lined with a white paper with little cherries. This desk was over at my mom's house but I'm not sure who chose the lining. I think it looks really cute!

I save cute boxes for storage of small things. For example, the boxes in the first photo are the top and bottom of a small Jonathan Adler ornament box. I hung up the ornament and saved the box!

This pink and white box is the lid to some stationery I used. I loved the box it came in!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sseko Designs

Reader Kate P. emailed me about this wonderful company, Sseko Designs, that makes nautical sandals! The sandals are made by young women in Kampala, Uganda.

Starboard sandal:

"Sseko Designs hires recent secondary school graduates for this nine month period to live and work together, while earning money that will go directly towards their university education. The goal of Sseko Designs is two-fold: provide university tuition for these promising young women through a sustainable monthly income, while also contributing to the overall economic development of Uganda" (SOURCE)

How it works: first you choose your size/base sandal. Then you choose the straps (the straps are interchangeable). The straps can be tied in hundreds of ways!

"The base of the sandals are hand made from genuine leather. Every pair of sandals comes with a pair of straps. The base of the sandals, regardless of the pattern or color of the strap you choose, are made the same. Each sandal has five anchor points to loop the straps through that allow you to tie your sandals differently everyday!" (SOURCE)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lapidus Vintage




Closeup of anchor pattern:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rooms with High-Seas Style

Reader Marianne emailed me about this fun article from Elle Decor!

"Ever dream of taking to the sea, sailing to faraway places? We’re onboard with you. Except our idea of a sailor’s haven is right at home, with fresh, nautical-inspired touches such as striped fabrics, boating memorabilia, and a classic palette of red, white, and blue" (SOURCE)

Maritime Blues:

Setting Sail:


(yes, that's a tub!)

Ocean Worthy:

Seaside Charm:

Captain Kid:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lands' End Canvas

Thanks to Lauren at My Life as a Plate for the tip!

Nautical Sweater Jacket (I just couldn't choose between the pink and navy and now the navy one is sold out!):

French Terry Hoodie:

Patterned Seersucker Shift Dress:

Seersucker Shift Dress:


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Quick peek at my upcoming spring essentials blog post!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Live from...

you thought I was going to say New York right? Well I didn't end up going to New York this past weekend. It was such a tough decision (lots of tears involved) but I was pretty sick and flying, staying at a hotel, walking around in cold weather just didn't seem like the best idea. I will always remember when I had a bad cold coming back from my cruise in 2009. The flight from Rome to DC was HELL. Every passenger GLARED at me each time I coughed or sneezed. I could tell people were annoyed and probably grossed out. I did not want a repeat of that! I ended up getting much worse after flying so I am trying NOT to repeat that disaster (I think it's pretty common to relapse after/while traveling). I'm pretty sure my poor friend would get no sleep with me coughing all night and I lost my voice so haven't been very entertaining.

Instead of hanging out in Central Park or dining at Otto, I spent my weekend watching repeats of Sex and the City and ordering pizza. The worst? I could have seen Steve Martin IN PERSON at the Colbert Report (M is still going to maybe she can kidnap him for me ;)

Thankfully I am on antibiotics and getting better. My voice is slowly coming back. I relaxed over the weekend and am going to take it easy today.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Dahl House Spring Promotion

Personalize any item in the Gavin Bird Collection for free! (exp 3/28) Items are available in PINK or BLUE

Tissue box cover


Saturday, March 19, 2011

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