Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nautical Outfit of the Week: Nautical Family Photos

This week I am featuring Emily and her adorable family in their nautical best! I first found Emily's blog through Melissa and I was so excited to see the outfits Emily chose for the photos! How cute are her two little ones?!

Both girls are in outfits from Janie and Jack:

The outfit on the left is no longer available (similar here and here) and the outfit on the right is here

Photo credit: Pinky Promise Photography

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Giveaway: Personalized Notebook from Milo Paper Gift Shop!

I posted about Milo Paper Gift Shop before and am so excited to be doing a giveaway with them! One winner will receive the personalized notebook of her or his choice! The notebooks can be personalized with a name or monogram on the front and you can choose lined or blank pages! There are pages and pages of designs available!

Here are some of my favorites:
Pink Damask:

Blue Waves:

Green Moby (also available in pink):

Pink Madras:

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below:

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Photo Day in the Life

Hello to those of you coming over from Kelly's Korner! This is a post I did back in August but our week day schedule is still exactly the same. H was 2.5 when I wrote this.

I love reading day in the life posts on other blogs. My days are all pretty similar and not very exciting. But I thought I would share a "typical" day in a more exciting way-with photos! I did a post back in 2010 when H was a baby and my work hours were not as crazy (ah those were the days). I left out basic details (going to the bathroom, emailing H's mom, etc) but tried to include everything else that happens during the day

6:47 AM Alarm goes off. Unplug Blackberry and briefly scroll through emails (mostly shopping/blog related)
6:50 get in the shower
7:00 start breakfast (put bread in toaster, make chocolate milk). Brush hair while bread is toasting
7:15 sit down to eat (I should eat at my counter or table but I sit on the couch instead)

7:35 done with breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed
7:47 leave for work
7:55 arrive at work, check my Blackberry again since I am early
7:59 walk into work. H is in his high chair eating breakfast with his parents
8:15 H is done eating and out of high hair. Cleaning ladies arrive (they do the heavy cleaning every 2 weeks. SO THANKFUL for that!)
8:17 I restock diapers and wipes while H is with his mom/following around the cleaning ladies
8:22 Change H's diaper after his mom leaves
8:25 We play in playroom (trucks, puzzles, read books)

(that white across his back is the sun coming in!)

8:50 Go into H's bedroom and get ready to go to park

I love the penguin backpack!

9:05  Load H into the car
9:10  Forget I needed gas so I stop to get gas
9:20  On the road again
9:31  Arrive at park
11:30  Leave park
11:40 Quick lunch at Marty's (delicious hot dogs AND it's next to a fire station. Enough said). Easier to eat out on the days they clean
12:05 PM home and immediate diaper change
12:10 We play in playroom

12:45 Take H into bedroom for naptime routine, read books, change diaper
1:00 H asleep in crib

1:10 Take dog outside and throw his toy
1:15 Sit down and turn on computer (normally I would eat lunch but we stopped on the way home from park since I knew they would still be cleaning)
2:45 H is up. Curse the gardener next door.
3:05 Go get H from his room, H sits on potty
3:14 Start making smoothie for H (to make up for the not super healthy lunch ;)
3:17 My mom calls, H goes into playroom to play while I run around the house
3:25 Switch out laundry to dryer (normally I would do laundry during nap but the cleaning ladies did most of the laundry in the morning)
4:10 We have some crackers at H's little table

4:15 H wants to scroll through photos on my iPod (my sister just sent photos of Baby Nautical)
4:20 start lesson/art/coloring (we are working on learning one letter each week)

4:23 Put dog outside
4:31 get dog from outside because he is barking like crazy (as usual)
4:44 H is done coloring
4:46 dog is finally asleep in his bed, H in playroom

4:50 start preparing dinner (chicken), dog following me around AGAIN

4:57 I go into playroom and help H line up all of his trucks
5:15 My friend arrives to babysit. I usually work until 6:30 but both parents are working late so instead of making me stay late they get a babysitter so I can make it to dinner. yay!
5:30 I continue making dinner while friend tells me about getting fired (she worked for an awful family and was going to quit).
6:10 I am finally out the door after settling H in with babysitter
6:20 Arrive at my grandma's birthday dinner 
7:25 home from dinner. Quickly change into my running clothes
7:35 Head out the door for a run
8:10 home, quick shower

(keeping it real!)

8:45 sit down on couch and check email
9 turn on the TV and have some yummy peach

10:45 turn off TV. Brush teeth. Get into bed and read
11:35 set alarm, turn off my light. BEDTIME!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tide 38 Clothing: 15% off!

I just discovered Tide 38 Clothing and thought my nautical obsessed readers would appreciate these designs!

Use code: wave38 to receive 15% off your first order!

Pink Pocket Tee:

Always Respect the Tide:

Pink hat:

Light blue anchor:


Wheel tee:

Light blue pocket tee:

***Please note: this is NOT a sponsored post! I am just introducing a new company***

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School: Nautical Mini Boden and Gap

I am especially loving the Mini Boden long sleeve t shirts. Perfect for fall!

Mini Boden nautical flags t shirt, Gap woven khakis
Mini Boden pelican t shirt, Mini Boden lined chinos
Mini Boden crab t shirt, Mini Boden lined chinos

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nautical Photo of the Week: A Nautical Bathroom

This week I am featuring a nautical bathroom! Katie from the Northern Prepster did such a great job decorating her bathroom!

There's even a little anchor hanging on the framed oar!

Framed anchor and monogram:

I'm obsessed with the pink seahorse and lighthouse on the back of the toilet!

Do you have a nautical room you want to share? Send me an email!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Product Review: Cape Cod Shoe Supply Co

Cape Cod Shoe Supply sent me a pair of their nautical flip flops to review. From the nautical rope to the sailboat blueprint insole design these flip flops are most definitely nautical by nature!

From their website: "Cape Cod Shoe Supply is about uncomplicated styling with a youthful spirit. We’ve started with a simple flip flop- putting thought and detail into every component of the design. The twice-washed, 100% cotton rope is hand braided and stitched, and the leather piece will naturally burnish over time. We hope you like wearing them through all of your summer adventures."

Pink and green:
Cap Cod Shoe Supply Co

Men's navy and white:
nautical Cap Cod Shoe Supply

I was given the white. Classic and goes with everything!
nautical flip flops

nautical flip flops

Of course I took off my polish the day these came in the mail (and I need a pedicure now!)
nautical flip flops

I LOVE that the bottoms have special ridges so they aren't as slippery on wet surfaces (nothing worse than nearly falling at the pool or in the rain!)
nautical flip flops

***Please note: I was given a pair of flip flops to review. All opinions are my own!***

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School: Nautical Room Decor

Bungalow blue stripe storage:

Shark bookends:

Storage baskets:

Coral square crunch can:

If you are lucky enough to have your own bathroom: whale toothbrush holder (could also be used to hold things on your desk)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dahl House Giveaway WINNER

The lucky winner of the Dahl House hooded towel is... Alaine!

In addition to the hooded towels, the Dahl House offers a variety of hand painted accessories and homegoods! Animals, southern charm, dots, and of course NAUTICAL (see below!)
Picture frames:

Waste Cans:

Tissue Boxes:

Step Stools:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Please note: this is NOT a sponsored giveaway or post. I just love the Dahl House!**
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