Saturday, May 31, 2008

Well at least it will be summer when I get home

I am going to Gold Coast this weekend and unfortunately the weather has taken a turn for the worst (rainy, cool, thunderstorms, the works). I am sad that I won't be able to surf in world famous Surfer's Paradise but vacation is vacation. We will be checking out this awesome themepark called Dreamworld. It's the Australian equivalent to Disneyworld, with multiple "worlds" including Movie World and White Water World. For $10 extra we get to go to the eviction show of Big Brother (which is on EVERY night here and highly addictive). I can't wait to check out the shopping too!

Have a great weekend everyone! I won't be updating until Tues/Wed.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Brothers and Sisters (better late than never!)

I finally found decent videos of the last two episodes online (I just couldn't wait 2 more weeks) and immediately watched them (it is like 230 AM here but whatever!). Any B&S fans out there? What did you think?

If you haven't seen the finale do NOT watch this video:

No matter your feelings on this relationship, you have to admit it was a totally romantic scene! I already downloaded (and am obsessed with) the background song.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm already planning my future child's bedroom...

I just love these nautical bedroom pieces from Pottery Barn Kids. I think I may need to redo my bedroom now ;)

How cool is this bed?


Perfect for my future beach house too



I could use these on my desk or on the table or in the bathroom-pretty much anywhere!

And of course something elephant too:

Next stop, Spain!

My friends M and K emailed me the rest of their "nautical" photos from their trip to Spain. I am even more sure that this will be my next trip! My sister and I discussed taking a trip together next summer, after I graduate (whoa!) and before she goes to med school. Spain is very high on our list!

Store in San Sebastian:

Store sign in Bilbao:
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First Communion they crashed:

Hard to see but the boy in the white on the left has a little anchor on his sleeve!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chapel St. Anchor finds

I went with my mom and sister to Chapel St, a nice shopping area in the suburbs across the river. I found this adorable pillow but it was $119! I'm going to go back before I leave and see if it goes on sale. I might also look for it online somewhere else. I also took a photo of the very nautical MAC door. I love the model's anchor bathing suit!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Team Serena or Team Blair?

I'm not sure if I missed something on Gossip Girl (I haven't seen any of the post-strike episodes) or if these are just for fun, but Fred Flare is selling Team Serena and Team Blair shirts!

Check them out here

I'm team Blair ;)

Nautical ebay find

Ok, maybe I am crazy but I think this was a total steal: pink and white Rafe bag WITH anchor and boat keychains for under $10!


Now a question for all of you ebayers: do you bid as soon as you see something you like or wait until the auction is ending? I ask because I usually wait until under an hour and then bid. I feel like bidding when there are still days left just drives up the prices. Thoughts??

Monday, May 26, 2008


They are showing the SATC Oprah show on Wednesday night!! I can't wait! Australia is just a few weeks behind ;)


Photo from one of my favorite Big/Carrie scenes

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I am currently accepting donations...

for these Marc Jacobs shoes:




I am going to be blogging from Los Angeles in exactly 1 month! I'm not really sure how I feel about this. Before my mom and sister came I REALLY didn't want to leave. But after seeing them, I realize I have a lot to look forward to when I get back.

I have 1 week of classes and 4 essays until I am officially done. Then my friend J is coming to visit from LA. We are meeting up in Sydney, then going to Cairns (Great
Barrier Reef) then back to Melbourne before leaving June 24.

Photos from the last week! (Let me just say in my defense, we were getting up before 7am and not getting home until 9 or 10 so yes, I am wearing the same hairdo and outfit!)
Me with my sister:
I'm the one with the anchor tote ;)

Wilma the Wombat:

Spot the albino kangaroo:

Pretty sunset:

Cool lighthouse:

My mom and sister in the rainforest:


Me with my mom:

London Bridge (actually fell in 1990, oh the irony):


Saturday, May 24, 2008

I just couldn't resist!

Last week my friend took me to this store called Frat House that apparently sells Hollister and Abercrombie (I don't think I have shopped at A&F since 7th grade!). Kind of random but I found this pink and green rugby. It is a men's small so a bit big but so comfy!

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Great Anchor Road

I did the Great Ocean Road again with my mom and sister. This time I was able to get out at the stop with the giant anchor but unfortunately I only had like 2 minutes so I'm not in the photo. The 3rd photo is a closeup of the anchor that is on all of the road signs on the route.


Hope everyone had a great week! I had so much fun with my mom and sister. I even got to enjoy the hot tub at their hotel at night. They left yesterday :( but I didn't have much time to miss them: we had our building's "booze cruise" last night. Let me just say I don't think they will be doing another cruise anytime soon. It was fun in the beginning but then it just got crazy- people throwing up everywhere, ambulances being called, losing things in the river= not so fun anymore.

I have about 200 more posts to read from this week (thanks Google Reader) so be patient for comments :)
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Monday, May 19, 2008

So nautical, baby

Today was a long day of exploring Melbourne and trying to be the best tour guide for my mom and sister. We saw a really cool exhibit called "Black in Fashion: Mourning to Night" at the National Gallery of Victoria.
After, we went to the giftshop and found these nautical gifts:

Baby bottle (I was SO tempted but resisted, considering I don't have a baby...):

Blow-up beach ball (I bought this-perfect for the beach this summer!):
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekend/4 things

So my weekend is almost over already! BUT I pretty much have this week off because my mom and sister are arriving tomorrow morning!!! I can't believe they are actually going to be in Australia. Not sure how much blogging I'll get in so have a great week everyone!

Thanks Traci Anne for the tag!

4 Things I did 10 years ago (1998):

1. experienced El Nino in LA, my 5th grade classroom flooded!
2. Went to Big Bear with my girl scout troop and tried to snowboard
3. Saw the Spice Girls in concert (I think it was 98?)
4. Went on a field trip to the LA zoo (sorry I'm blanking!)

4 Things I did 5 years ago (2003)

1. Had my sweet 16
2. drove around aimlessly with my friends thinking we were cool
3. Watched Britney and Madonna kiss at the VMAs
4. Watched the the first season of The OC
EDIT: Can't believe I forgot this- spent the summer in DC (part of the reason I decided to go back for college)

4 Things I did yesterday:

1. slept in
2. cleaned my bathroom
3. went shopping (found a polo, will post a photo soon)
4. went to Misty's Diner, yes I was craving American food

4 TV shows I love to watch (in Australia):

1. Lost
2. Brothers and Sisters
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Neighbours (Australian soap)

4 Things I love to do:

1. Shop
2. theorize about Lost
3. make lists
4. eat tim tams

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why are they torturing me?

Forever21 has tons of anchor items right now:

sunglasses (cell phone, ipod, camera) case:

change purse:

tote (also comes in navy):

necklace (final sale):


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

my favorite little men

My sister has taken over my DC babysitting "business" (thanks J) and the other day when she was babysitting these little guys I called her. I couldn't believe how much older they sounded, especially the younger one. Before I left he couldn't say my name- now he's chatting away AND said my name perfectly! It's crazy that he was just a week or so old when I first met him and now he'll have just turned 2 when I get back to DC in August. Time is just flying by! Only 2 weeks of classes left. I only have about 6 more weeks in Oz :( I am excited to start my (volunteer) research assistant job, go to the beach with my friends, roadtrip to Vegas, and check out TJ Maxx and Marshalls ;)

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I need this


and this

Anchor photo of the week

Taken by my friends


Cairns, Australia (I'm going in June)

Monday, May 12, 2008

I actually miss your incessant barking

So I am really missing my dog right now. I could hear her barking when I was on the phone with my mom. I could just picture her at the front window barking at a bird/squirrel/garbage truck/whatever. Usually it drives me nuts (I mean does the bird really have to just sit there and torture her?) but I actually miss hearing her. I don't have many photos of Jupiter (yeah she's a girl with the name of a male god) on this computer but I did find these.

Puppy Jupi (With a face that cute I can almost forgive her for ripping apart my favorite teddy bear backpack)

A couple of years ago she had surgery and had to wear one of those awful collars. She would just look at me with those eyes and that face...


And here she is spending some quality couch time with the little boy I babysit for:
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I swear she is actually very pretty- I just have all the photos on the home computer!
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