Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall TV

This post is for all my TV addicts out there! Here is my go-to link for Fall TV Premiere dates: here. Watch with Kristin tells you when each show (new and old) premieres this fall. I will print out the dates and then start adding shows on my DVR. Which shows are you most excited about?

I am super excited for GREEK tonight! Last Wednesday N told me she saw signs that said there would be filming on campus on Thursday. We weren't 100% sure what they were filming (UCLA is used quite frequently) but we had been planning on meeting for lunch that day anyway. Then Thursday morning M called me during her class break to tell me they were definitely filming GREEK. We headed over to campus and found out they were filming the finale (luckily nothing spoilery). I am not sure how people can concentrate in class but it was fun to watch. Here are a couple of photos I took (and labeled for my fellow fans ;) Just click on each photo to see the bigger version.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Recap

It has been a busy weekend! Friday night I went to see Spamalot with two friends, A and T. It was hilarious! I had never seen any of the movies or TV episodes but I think I may rent them now!

Saturday I spent the afternoon at a neighborhood pool with M and C. It has been SO hot recently. I can't even imagine how hot it is for the firemen fighting those Southern California fires. I can see the smoke from my house and I am very far away! After the pool we had a "Greek" marathon (the new season starts tomorrow night!) and had some yummy Mexican food.

This morning my mom and I rejoined our old country club. We stopped going once I started college but now that I am back home I have been pushing my mom to rejoin. I am so excited to have access to a pool and gym! Since I am still unemployed, I am taking advantage of the fitness classes during the day.

This weekend we also added a special house guest: a hamster. The family I babysit for is out of town so I am watching their cute little pet while they are gone.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Next weekend will be even more exciting because Jill is coming to Los Angeles!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

This week's theme: Fabulous Monograms! Jill is hosting Fabulous Friday over here.

Monogrammed anchor key fob from The Preppy Petunia aka Grosgrain Garage:

Monogrammed umbrella from Pink, Green, and Southern :

Monogrammed towel from Preppy Parade (these are currently on sale!):

Monogrammed picture frame::

Whitney Caroline Designs polka dot tote:

My monogrammed cosmetic bag from The Palm Gifts:

My Lauren Nicole Gifts monogrammed necklace:

Monogrammed pink and brown tote from The Letter Tree:

I won this in Lou Lou's giveaway:

From Pink Cupcake:

I am probably missing some items but thee were the things I had saved in my pictures.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Henry Road



Southern California readers check out there store

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Most recent Homegoods trip

Polka dot chair (for little kids)

Look at all this pink and brown!

Nautical pillows:

Car I saw while out and about:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DC recap!

What a weekend! This past weekend I was in DC for my sister's medical school White Coat Ceremony (medical students get short white coats when they start school).

Friday I got my haircut. I still haven't found anyone I like in LA but I love my DC place. If any DC girls need a recommendation, just let me know! Then my mom and I headed to Georgetown for shopping and lunch. I stocked up at Vineyard Vines. Since I am still unemployed, I just got some bacis (white and black polos and a bracelet). I am so in love with this jacket- it looks even pinker in person! BUT I really can't justify a jacket like that for southern California living. We had lunch at Pizzeria Paradiso then headed back to the hotel to meet my dad. We met my sister at Lebanese Taverna for dinner.

We all met for brunch at Open City. Get the waffle with Nutella. So good! Then my sister left to get ready for the afternoon ceremony. I wore my favorite Lilly dress yet again (definitely a smart investment!). The ceremony was great. They read two things about each person while they walked across the stage to get their white coat. I loved hearing funny/random facts about each person. I am so proud of my sister, the future doctor! There was a reception after then we headed to Founding Farmers for dinner. YUM! There are almost too many options! The corn on the cob is to die for!

My dad left so it was just the girls. We had brunch at Ardeo.We showed our mom one of our favorite little gift stores, Periwinkle then headed to Bethesda for some more shopping. First stop: the local Lilly store, Tickled Pink. I guess they were trying to clear out summer items to make room for fall because there wasn't much in the store :( I did get a really cute anchor belt (on sale!). We ended the trip with swirl margaritas and dinner at Lauriol Plaza

My google reader is very full right now so I may not be commenting but I will be reading!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Greetings from...

Washington, DC!

I am here for the weekend. I will check back in on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer tag!

One Fabulous Mom (and Headbands and Hand Bags) tagged me to do this summer tag.

Favorite Summer Movie: I love movies so I can't pick a favorite! It is hard for me to think of more recent movies but older ones include Grease, Dirty Dancing, Parent Trap, Summer School, and The Sandlot. More recent: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (just watched that last night)

Favorite Summer Cocktail
: Margarita! Preferably while sitting outside

Favorite Summer Song:
It definitely used to be "Schools Out" but now that I have graduated that doesn't have as much meaning ;) I do LOVE "Summer Nights" from Grease. More recently I really like Death Cab for Cutie's "Summer Skin"

Favorite Summer Meal
Hot dog and corn on the cob (on the BBQ of course). Watermelon for dessert. Oh and maybe some homemade chocolate chip cookies too

Favorite Summer Outfit:
My favorite white J.Crew babydoll shirt and black and white anchor shorts. Gold or Black J.Crew sandals or my Rainbows

Favorite Summer Reading:
Anything chicklit!

Favorite Summer Moment
So many! Probably childhood summers spent in Sun Valley, Idaho

Here are the rules:
Copy this quiz
Tag ten people
1. Girl with the Curlz 2. Kentucky Mama 3. Britt 4. Elizabeth (she has had a very busy summer!)5. Cary (previously Bitsy and Olive) 6. Veuve and Varsity (even though it isn't summer in NZ I'd love to hear her answers) 7. BLC 8. The Pink Tutu (still have to post her book tag!) 9. Cheryl 10. Sea Laura

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The monogrammed necklace I won from Lauren Nicole Gifts

The cute tin it came in:

I also won my own wax seal stamp made with my initials! Now I just have to find some wax and I can start sealing my envelopes with my monogram. Thanks Denise!

I participated in TAG's monogram swap and was paired with Landlocked Mermaid. How cute are these labels? (Obviously mine have my address ;)

Thank you Tricia!

Lastly, I participated in Hopsy's PREP for Fall swap. My partner Merri was so crafty! Look how she decorated the box:

(she even included my favorite dress TWICE!)

Everything wrapped up:

I just love the colors!

Cute, cute stationery she used:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Recap

This past weekend I met up with Belle on Heels, The Icing on the Cake, Annabel Manners, and Miss Sweet Tea. We went to One Pico at Shutters on the Beach for a late lunch. It is nautical heaven! The waiters even wear Vineyard Vines ties.

Nautical table decoration

Love the nautical theme! View of the ocean and boats hanging from above

More decorations in hotel lobby:

(Icing on the Cake had to leave early to get home to Baby K)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

I finally got my act together and am joining in on the Fabulous Friday fun! This week's topic is FABULOUS NURSERIES!

From RH Baby and Child (I really love all of the pink and brown combos so it is hard to narrow down!):

From Gap (nautical of course!):

From Serena and Lily:
This could be my favorite and it is called the Kate collection!


Posh Tots Whistle Wink High Seas:

Posh Tots Simply Sailing:

PB Kids:
PB Kids Toile:

I love the stripes on the walls (not a fan of the bunnies though)

Baby Boats:
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