Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mail time!

Monogrammed pink and brown tote from The Letter Tree:

What's inside this pretty paper?

Anchor note cards from Angela:

Thank you Sherry and Angela!

Want to receive mail from me? It's never too late to sign up for my Snail Mail listHERE


  1. Way so completely love the gold anchor. Must find a yacht club to hang out at.

  2. love love love!

    i also love how each and every time i see an anchor, i think of you!

  3. what adorable gifts!!! I am having a nautical giveaway, and immediately thought of you because there is an anchor bottle opener, check it out and enter yourself!

  4. Ooooh I must have missed the snail mail post! Signing up right now!

  5. love the pink and brown tote! so cute!

  6. Those note cards are adorable and I love your tote colors!

  7. I love the anchor cards! I am on the perpetual lookout for a really cool anchor to photograph and then send to you!

  8. Love the bag and the cards. It is so fun getting surprises in the mail :-)

  9. what adorable gifts!!! I am having a nautical giveaway.

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