Monday, July 31, 2017

Land of Nod SALE

20% off almost everything! Land of Nod does not have frequent sales so this is one to take advantage of. The sale ends MONDAY NIGHT (7/31)!

* this post contains affiliate links below

Anchor knit nursery bin, $36

Print shop anchor storage bin, $33.60

High seas quilt, $130-160

Under the sea mobile, $52

Whale garland, $12

Shark bait bedding, $12-168

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Backstreet's Back Alright!

Back in June I went to see the Backstreet Boys in Las Vegas. I saw BSB in concert years and years ago and this concert did not disappoint! It was completely sold out and everyone there was a huge fan-it was a blast!
This is the dress I got on my last work trip in Kauai

Wooden fish!

This bikini top continues to be a favorite of mine from the Shopbop sale a few years ago

I LIVE in this Splendid romper. I bought a second one I love it so much 

* this post contains affiliate links

Monday, July 24, 2017


Wow, it has been almost a year since my last post! I am not sure if I will go back to posting daily but I have been wanting to get back into blogging again. A lot has happened in the last year! I am finishing up graduate school-what a ride! I am done with classes but still working on my thesis #neverending (HA).

In February I adopted a dog! Cooper is incredibly stubborn but oh so sweet!

At the beginning of this month I left the nanny job I have had for the last 7 years. It was an incredibly difficult decision to make but I am ready to try a new career and see where that goes!

In May my sister had TWIN BOYS! Yep, she now has 4 boys ages 5 and under. I love babies so I am just in heaven. But man, twins are tough! The big brothers are adjusting well and we are planning our next Disneyland trip now that I have an annual pass.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you are still reading!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Guest bathroom phase 1 (almost complete!)

I wanted to keep the guest bathroom pretty simple since it's already super nice (in my opinion!). I would like to add some plants (one on top of the toilet maybe? I have kleenex there now but I'll likely move that) and I still need to get another bath pillow and something that goes across the bath for when I have guests. All sources are included at end of post.

Need to rehang the Charleston painting-a little too high right now

Towels and washcloths: Target
Palm tree prints: Etsy, Prints by Jetty Home (I got them framed at Michaels)
Storage unit: Ikea (I skipped the wheels)
Storage baskets: Crate and Barrel
Storage tray: Crate and Barrel
Bathmat: Target
Charleston painting: gift

Monday, August 29, 2016

Guest Bedroom Phase 1

I thought I would share some photos of my guest room. It is coming along! At this point I am deciding on a second nightstand and waiting on lamps that are backordered. I will also be moving the desk into my bedroom and adding a media stand from Ikea (the besta TV bench with doors) for a tv (sitting in its box still) and then all of the tech things that are just sitting out right now (DVD player, wireless router, my printer, etc). Lastly, I am going to put some art/photos on the walls. Unfortunately due to earthquake risks, I can't have anything framed right above the bed but I think above the nightstands will look nice!
All sources are listed at the end of this post.

I am so in love with these folding stools from Target. They have been perfect as luggage stands for overnight guests

I still have a couple of boxes to go through as you can see!
The desk and dresser were in my bedroom in my last apartment. I am going to keep the dresser in the guest room for now and move the desk back to my bedroom 

I will be moving that lamp out when my new ones arrive

Bed frame and headboard: Joe's Bed and Furniture (Southern California only I believe)
Rope comforter: Ikea
Anchor blanket: Target
Striped folding stools: Target
Polka dot throw pillows: Target
Whale pillow cases and sheets: Garnet Hill
Nightstand, lamp, dresser, and desk: antiques from family
Yellow striped blanket on desk chair (I've been alternating between the anchor blanket and the striped blanket on the bed): Target

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Palm Springs bachelorette weekend

This past weekend was my friend A's bachelorette weekend in Palm Springs. We rented a house for the 12 of us and I don't think it could have gone better! We spent our days in the pool, laughing, dancing, eating, and drinking. I think the highlight was all of the pool floats we had. We also had a GoPro and that provided a lot of entertainment (especially with people trying to get on/off of floats-the unicorn was tricky!).

Delicious drinks by the pool when we arrived Friday 
Pretty pink drinks + friends = the best 

Definitely my favorite float
My friend Brooke ordered these for our drinks to float in in the pool-I highly recommend them! I think we only had one tip over (oops)
The whole group out to dinner Saturday night. We went to Matchbox (one of my favorite DC restaurants that has just one location on the west coast)
Photobooth fun
With the bride to be!

Bride tribe flash tattoos 
(x-rated) PiƱata time! This was after I showered/before we were going out for dinner, hence the pjs  

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Shopping my closet for work clothes

Once I moved back to LA and became a nanny, I donated and sold most of my work/professional/office clothes from my DC internships. But I have had a few interviews and meetings in grad school and I have a bunch coming up as part of my thesis and a research project I'm working on in my department. I decided to shop my own closet (HA!) to see what was working with. I actually came up with a few different outfits. I cropped my head out because I was making silly faces in some of these. I feel way more comfortable behind the camera!

This top has bows all over and a big bow in front 

I have one black cardigan from Zara that I wish I had bought multiple of. I love it!

This skirt still had the tags on it. But I've already worn it to one meeting and am planning on wearing it a lot this fall

I ended up finding nude ballet flats to wear with the skirt when I have to be more dressed up than sandals

My go to for more formal meetings

I will pair this with my black cardigan or possibly another color-haven't decided or maybe a blazer
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