Thursday, May 26, 2016

May so far

May has been BUSY! I finished my first year of graduate school (I passed!), and I've been unpacking and decorating at my new apartment. I'm still working on my thesis and I will be doing some research for a professor this summer but otherwise I have a nice long break from school!

My guest room is coming along! I will do a full post on my guest room once I have the second stool
Target only had one of those folding stools in stock but I ordered a second one. I think two will look nice! It's the Threshold Striped Wooden Folding Stool 

Dodger game with friends
School award banquet with my mom (I actually won something for once!)

The expo line extension to Santa Monica is now OPEN! We walked along the bike/pedestrian path and rode the train on opening day last Friday 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Nautical Outfits: Boys

Here's your comprehensive guide to spring and summer nautical tops and shorts for BOYS! Narrowing down the tops was tough. I tried to include a wider range of prices so you can mix and match with more affordable solid t shirts and shorts too.

* this post contains affiliate links *

Nautical by Nature: Nautical Outfits for Boys Spring Summer 2016

Row 1: Tropical shirt, Zara, $13 | Anchor raglan tee, Boden, $19 | Sailboat graphic tee, Old Navy, $5 | Shark printed tee, Boden, $19
Row 2: Lobster raglan tee, Boden, $19 | Sailboat fleet t shirt, J.Crew Factory, $15 | Sealife toweling polo, Boden, $22 | Lobster linen shirt, Janie and Jack, $30
Row 3: Crab half-zip, Boden, $45 | Whale sail long sleeve, Gymboree, $8 | Anchor chambray shirt, Gymboree, $15 | Sailboat v neck, Old Navy, $9
Row 4: Crab t shirt, J.Crew Factory, $15 | Ahoy flags critter polo, J.Crew, $43 | Sailboat sketch shirt, Gymboree, $15 | Sailboat critter polo, J.Crew, $43

Nautical by Nature: Nautical Outfits for Boys Spring Summer 2016
Row 1: Anchor knit shorts, J.Crew Factory, $16 | Pull on sailboat shorts, J.Crew Factory, $30 | Easy on sailboat shorts, Gymboree, $12 | Anchor khaki shorts, Gymboree, $13
Row 2: Sailboat knit shorts, J.Crew Factory, $16 | Lobster knit shorts, J.Crew Factory, $16 | Crab shorts, Gymboree, $13 | Pull on anchor sweat shorts, J.Crew Factory, $20
Row 3: Embroidered anchor shorts, J.Crew Factory, $33 | Embroidered lobster shorts, J.Crew Factory, $30 | Cargo shorts, Hanna Andersson, $45 | Win win shorts, Hanna Andersson, $45

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Summer Totes for Every Budget

I've searched around to find a range of totes for summer. I think there are some pretty cute options under $50 this year!
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$30 and under:
Tropical beach tote, Target, $15
Nautical by Nature: Summer totes for every budget
Nautical by Nature: Summer totes for every budget

Turtle print bag, ASOS, $17
Nautical by Nature: Summer totes for every budget

Aloha anchor tote, Payless, $21
Nautical by Nature: Summer totes for every budget

Anchor printed tote, Target, $30 (whale print also available)
Nautical by Nature: Summer totes for every budget

Nautical by Nature: Summer totes for every budget

Nautical by Nature: Summer totes for every budget

Conversation straw totes, Nordstrom, $48
Nautical by Nature: Summer totes for every budget

Anchor tote, LL Bean, $50
Nautical by Nature: Summer totes for every budget

Whale tote, LL Bean, $50
Nautical by Nature: Summer totes for every budget

Flamingo tote, Nordstrom, $54
Nautical by Nature: Summer totes for every budget

Anchor stripe tote, Nordstrom, $54
Nautical by Nature: Summer totes for every budget

Palm Beach tote, Lobstah Roll, Lilly Pulitzer, $68
Nautical by Nature: Summer totes for every budget

Pineapple beach tote, Tommy Hilfiger, $80

$100 and up
High tide tote, Anthropologie, $144
Nautical by Nature: Summer totes for every budget

I need a vacation tote, Kate Spade, $198
Nautical by Nature: Summer totes for every budget

Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Five

1. I am in the home stretch! I have my big qualifier exam in exactly a week (really dreading this-it's on three subjects and all multiple choice) and then finals. But in less than two weeks I will be FINISHED with my first year of graduate school. I feel like it flew by!

2. This summer I have a lot of fun things planned! A family trip to my beloved Sun Valley, Idaho (first time I can go since my older nephew was a baby!), a road trip with my sister (she's moving from Charleston to Denver), a trip to Las Vegas, a bachelorette weekend in Palm Springs-so much to look forward to! I will be catching up on TV, finally unpacking at my new place, and just enjoying summer vacation. I will still be working but no homework feels like a real vacation!

3. The Anthropologie dresses I ordered (see post here) arrived and both of them are even cuter in person. Especially the bow back one! They are perfect for the bridal showers and awards banquet I have this summer.

4. I ordered this console from West Elm for my entryway and it is on backorder for a few more weeks. I had a 20% off discount code plus free shipping. The color is so pretty!

5. I think I am addicted to Halo Top icecream. So far I have tried the mint chip and chocolate. I have not been able to find the birthday cake one yet. Sometimes I just crave a little icecream and this is guilt free!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Nautical Keds tennis shoes

I am in love with the pink seahorse print! I think all of these designs are perfect for spring/summer!

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Starfish Keds x Kate Spade, $75 (two colors)

Anchors, $50 (four colors)

Crabs, $55 (two colors)

Taylor Swift x Keds anchor, $55 (two colors)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Nautical dresses

This spring/summer I have two bridal showers, a bachelorette weekend, a school banquet, and several trips. I have a few dresses that I rotate between, but I would like to add at least one new (nautical) one. Here are the options I have found so far. The two Anthropologie ones are my favorites, especially the bow back one.

* this post contains affiliate links *

Nautical by Nature | Nautical dresses

Raddery sailing print dress, Jack Wills, $90 | Berru poplin dress, Anthropologie, $158 | Abderdy belted oar print dress, Jack Wills, $80
Bow back shift, Anthropologie, $148 | Tritone shift, Anthropologie, $248 | Shoulder tie sundress, Hanna Andersson, $102

Monday, April 11, 2016

My bedroom

I was previously using a bedside table that had three small drawers. It worked for awhile, but I found that I was only putting things into the first drawer and then I had a huge stack of books on top. Since I am usually reading at least one or two books at a time (for school and for pleasure) it made more sense to get a table that had space to stack BELOW and then maybe just one book on top! I had a 20% off coupon for Pottery Barn so I got the Lonny bedside table and Chloe dresser you see below.

I kept the navy accents I had in my previous apartment: the lampshade, wooden monogram, and print. Then I added a navy headboard to match those and my new sheets. I can't wait for the bedside table and dresser to arrive!
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DIY lampshade, featuring Kimberly Lewis Home set sail wallpaper | Wooden monogram, Southern Nest (c/o), $58 | Embroidered sateen bedding, Garnet Hill (c/o), $40-80 | Lonny bedside table, Pottery Barn, $349 | Tufted headboard, Cymax, $300 | Open Book print, ElizabethMayville Etsy, $15-20 | Chloe dresser, Pottery Barn, $700

Friday, April 8, 2016

Guest bedroom inspiration

PHEW! This semester is busy, busy, busy! I can't believe in just over a month I will be finished with my first year of graduate school. I have moved into my new place. I have barely unpacked (only the essentials really), but I am looking for inspiration for my guest room. Right now it has a million boxes and all of my stuff I don't have time to put away yet. But eventually it will be my office/guest bedroom. I am going with a navy and yellow theme. I already had a comforter for the bed that works well with those colors. Then I saw the pillows and bath mat and knew I wanted to go with yellow accents.

throw/accent pillows for the bed

I love the yellow sailboat. Might need to add that and the yellow vase!

This doesn't look as yellow in person

Comforter for the bed (found this at Ikea last summer or the one before)

Headboard/frame for bed:

Thursday, March 17, 2016

5 things I'll miss about my apartment

In no particular order...

my view... I have floor to ceiling windows/glass doors in my living room. In the last few months I have spent a lot of time studying/reading/writing on my couch and looking outside.

Nautical by Nature | Nautical balcony

my storage... my current place has a linen closet, hall closet, and pretty big pantry in the kitchen. New place just has one closet BUT it is much bigger than my current main closet so there's that

Nautical by Nature: Organizing: Cleaning Closet

my pool... I didn't use it often but it was nice to have the option, especially in the summer!

location...  I am moving under 2 miles away so there isn't much of a difference. But it does add a few minutes to my commute to work and school thanks to wonderful LA traffic. I hate to complain because I have been so spoiled by my current commute to work (under 10 minutes!) but traffic is traffic and it's not fun! However, I will no longer have to enter/exit my drive way/parking garage on a really busy street. That's huge!

the general feeling... From the moment I moved in, this apartment has felt like home. I have spent four years in this apartment. I feel safe and cozy and at home here. I hosted several parties and sleepovers here. So many memories! But I am ready for a change and this move is giving me the best opportunity to downsize. Plus I know I am going to LOVE my new place too!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Life Lately

I blinked and it's March! I still need to upload my photos from my Oscar party. This was my last year hosting in this apartment because I AM MOVING! It happened very fast, but I couldn't pass up this deal. I love my current place and have so many memories here. Giving my 30 day notice to my landlord felt more like a breakup. I moved in on St. Patrick's Day almost four years ago. My sister had been due with Baby Nautical the week before so I was rushing to get everything done just in case he arrived. Of course he arrived almost two weeks after his due date, on March 20. Can't believe he's turning FOUR this month!

I have midterms next week, back to back. Weeks like that I wonder why I waited six years to go back to school! Graduate school is a lot of work! But I do love my program. I'm making progress on my thesis. That thing is a labor of love!

After midterms I will try to get back to posting regularly again. I am seeing nautical everywhere for spring!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Target Pillowfort nautical items

There has been a lot of buzz about Target's new collection for kids. Pillowfort is worth the hype I think! I especially love the ocean oasis room. I'm curious to read reviews as people start buying and posting. The prices are great but what about quality? Have you bought anything from Pillowfort yet?

* this post contains affiliate links *

I bought this in store, my local store did not have the full collection yet

Seahorse marquee light, $30 (available in pink and blue)

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