How did you come up with the name Nautical by Nature?
My sister actually came up with it! It's a play on the hip hop group Naughty By Nature

Do you get paid for posting about companies?
You can read my full disclosure policy here. I do have sponsors (their ads in my sidebar have SPONSOR above them). My right sidebar has ads through RewardStyle. These contain affiliate links. I have been given items to review and these posts contain a disclaimer at the bottom of the post. But I would never endorse a product or company that I didn't like. More importantly, I only include products/sites that I think my readers will like too!

Why are you so into nautical? Have you always been nautical obsessed? Are you a member of Delta Gamma?
Blame it on my high school! It started with wearing a polo with an anchor on it every day for 4 years. Check out this post, the post, and this one. It's tough to say when my nautical obsession began. I have old photos of me in sailor dresses so maybe it was always there! I often wish I had joined Delta Gamma. I love that they are the nautical sorority!

How did you first get involved in blogging? What are your blogging tips?
My first blog post was on November 12, 2007! Read it HERE. My first anchor post is HERE.
My post on blogging tips

What exactly is your job?
I am a full time nanny for one handsome little guy who is now 3 years old

What is your favorite fashion accessory (i.e shoes, handbags, scarves, earrings, etc.)?
Headbands! Tied with bags. I have so many tote bags!

Do you have any siblings? Where do they live?
I have two older sisters. One is here in LA (Baby Nautical's mother). My other sister is in Charleston, South Carolina

I am going to be in Los Angeles. What do you recommend seeing/doing?
Check out this post on my LA favorites (things to do and places to eat)

What are your DC recommendations?
Check out this post on my favorite spots in DC

What are your Las Vegas recommendations?
Here is my guide to Las Vegas
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