Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My nautical roots

A lot of you have asked where my nautical obsession came from. Well here are some images from an invite for the annual fundraiser for my high school. These should give you some hints ;) Homeport=nautical mania

This year's theme is "U.S.S_____ (insert my school's name here): All Aboard!"

this is an image from the website

the top of the invitation (I cut off the details)

Another image from the website


  1. Now I get it jeje

    I stayed at a gorgeous nautical club at Valle de Bravo (here in Mexico) and I fell in love!!!!

  2. I love all that is nautical too. Mine comes from growing up in a beach community :)

  3. ahhh... i went on a great boat in Wisconsin... ahhh nothing like it :) xoxox

  4. I love anything to do with the water too.
    Be careful though, my mother loved duck decoys (big 80's thing) and she collected them. After awhile the ducks had taken over the house AND that is ALL people would give her as gifts. The house started to look like a duck store!
    She finally called for a moratorium on ducks and retired many to the attic.

  5. I went to a nautical school too...our mascot was the "sailors". :)

  6. I live on the water so I'm into the nautical thing too! I did one of my son's nursery's with ship wall paper--so cute! xoxo

  7. Ohhhhhh....I always just had you pegged as a Delta Gamma!!!!! I have always loved nautical things too, because of my father's business (which was related to diving and boats and all things marine)and my exposure to the water. I still get to indulge it at our summer lake cottage!

  8. I grew up in Tampa, Florida a block off of Hillsborough Bay, so I've always liked nautical things, too.

    And then I was also in a service club in high school called Anchor. Our club colors were red and white, and our jerseys were red with a white anchor on the front. My mom made me a quilt while in high school, in which I got to pick out the fabric, and one of the fabrics I chose was beige with red anchors on it. I still have the quilt and love it.


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