Friday, December 28, 2012

Snapshots from Christmas

I forgot to take photos on Christmas Eve/my dad's birthday celebration. But here are a few photos I took this past week.

On Christmas night my sister and I drove around to look at Christmas lights/decorations. How cute are these penguins (and fake snow) outside of a house in Beverly Hills?
Snowman on keyboard, elf playing guitar (with snowflakes projected on the garage)

The first four stockings were handmade by my grandma (mine is the big white cat one)
Cozy by the fire place

Nautical outfit for Christmas dinner
I'm on the outside looking in
The best photo I could get with this squirmy guy!
New snowman placemats from Crate and Barrel

I started to hang up holiday cards. Need to add a second ribbon now that I have some more cards to put up!
New whale bottle opener has been added to my bar
Favorite present is this "K" for koala (and Kate!) from Anthropologie (embroidered framed monogram)
New chevron blanket looks great on my couch
Giant anchor from my mom. Can't wait to hang it!
New anchor jewelry: bracelet from my stepmom, necklace from my boss

Thursday, December 27, 2012

J.Crew nautical new arrivals

I couldn't wait-already bought these shorts! The anchor shorts from last year sold out before they even hit my local store

My sister got me a bow top that I already had so I used the store credit to buy these PJs
Anchor pajama set:

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Anything Goes! plus nautical Christmas tree

Right before Christmas I went to see Anything Goes downtown at the Ahmanson Theatre (if you are local, the show is playing until January 6 so hurry!). I think Anything Goes might be the most nautical musical there is! The majority of the musical is set on a ship!

Here are some photos from the official website:

I think I was smiling and clapping along the whole show! The songs are fun and the dance numbers are so entertaining. I really wish I knew how to tap dance!

In the theater lobby there was a huge nautical Christmas tree (it was so big that I couldn't get a shot of the whole thing)!

A and I have a tradition of going to musicals together during the holidays. Last year we saw Wicked together

Have you seen Anything Goes?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Nautical Ornament Round Up

Did you see any other nautical ornaments? Please leave a comment with a link if you found something I missed! You can see all of my past nautical ornament posts here

Seahorses (Snorkel Blue Hold Your Horses):

I was hoping there would be a new whale or seahorse ornament this year from Jonathan Adler but so far I am just seeing this Mermaid:

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Outfit Post: Pink!

I am sharing another set of photos taken by my talented friend, Brooke. Right now local (LA) readers can enter to win a FREE PHOTO SESSION with Brooke + 10 images on a disk! For more details see her blog post here. Submit a photo of you via email by this Friday, December 21 to enter.

Outfit details:
Monogrammed shirt: C.Wonder
Pants: Gap
Shoes (no longer sold): Kate Spade

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gossip Girl finale: My thoughts

I decided to wait until this afternoon to post because I wanted to really take in the finale and let others have a chance to watch. I am curious what you all thought of the finale. Please comment away!

This post and its comments contains SPOILERS!




-I knew Kristen Bell would be making a cameo but her scene with Rachel Bilson was a great surprise! Too funny to see them reading the Blair and Serena roles

-Blair looked gorgeous in that wedding dress. I'm not sure what was going on with Chuck's suit. Yay or nay on the suit?

-I was honestly very disappointed with the Gossip Girl reveal. I thought there would be a twist or some kind of surprise (like Dan was covering for Jenny, it was a parent like Lily or Rufus). Last week we saw Dan writing the final chapter. I thought for a second, "hey are they saying Dan is Gossip Girl?" and then decided that would be 1. too obvious 2. too early (since that was the penultimate episode).

-I thought Gossip Girl would be someone truly on the inside. Not an outsider who got in or an outsider that wanted in. I think it's juicier if it was one of the UES's own.

-BUT I realize that it would have been much harder for the writers to wrap up the GG storyline IF it had been someone on the inside/someone else besides Dan. I thought it was a little odd that Dan wrote that book and then was also Gossip Girl.

-I just don't like Serena and didn't like that the show ended with her wedding. Blah.

-Poor Nate. He never gets a good love interest. At least he's successful I guess.

-Overall I did like the finale because Gossip Girl has such a special place in my TV loving heart. I just wanted more in the Gossip Girl reveal (or no reveal at all, like in the books)

What did you think?!

Gap goes nautical

The anchor sweatshirt I wanted (and posted on Facebook) is already sold out online so order quickly!

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