Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Oscar Party

I am definitely making this an annual thing. I loved having a bigger group to watch with. Fun to hear what everyone thought of the nominees and red carpet fashion! I forgot to take a photo of my favorite decoration: party tape across my bathroom door that said "No Paparazzi"

Cardboard Oscar (can you see the director's cut clapboard on the top shelf?):

Statues my mom found at some touristy store on Hollywood Blvd.

Penguin stood at the end of the red carpet (he is wearing his bowtie of course)

The red carpet (from front door)!

I love these hanging decorations from Party City

I put director signs and star balloons on the backs of my bar stools

Hollywood glasses:

I wanted to do a photo booth type thing when people arrived. I put the glasses from above on a table by this sign on the door (see below)

Being silly in my hollywood glasses

Candy table!

More decorations

Plates, (gold) silverware, napkins (I also had popcorn in those popcorn boxes)

Statue cookies! (I was running out of time so my friend M made the cookies. She used a cookie cutter I bought-found through this Bakerella post)

Somehow I fit 10 people in my living room! Thankfully three people didn't end up coming so everyone had a spot.

Most of the decorations are from Party City
Statue cookie cutter
Red Carpet Report Card and Drinking Game
More printables (I put these on candles, drink holders, etc)
Oscar bingo printable


  1. This looks like such a fun party! I wish I still lived in LA and was able to attend. Your place looks fantastic too. Kind of a nice send-off in a way for your apartment. :)

  2. Kate, you are making me start planning to have a party next year as this is so adorable! What great decorations and those cookies are perfect. ;)

  3. Awesome party! Looks like so much fun, and the Oscars where a good show this year too.

  4. P.S. would you like to be my "Any Friend Of Mine" interview for this coming Monday? Let me know and I'll get the questions to you ASAP!

  5. I've always wanted to have an Oscar party! Yours looks like a blast!

  6. Such fun decor! I should have thought to ask you for some ideas for my Oscars party; I only decorated with cupcakes & champagne, which are admittedly important but could have used this sort of fun themed environment in which to thrive :-).

  7. What a cute party. Love your decorations. It looks like so much fun. I want that big framed monogram on your wall. Love it!!


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