Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby Nautical's Nursery

Baby Nautical will be making his debut in just a couple of weeks (!!!) I think my sister did a great job on the nursery. I love the colors she used-very warm and welcoming. It doesn't look too babyish and is gender neutral (important if they have another baby, it's a girl and they share a room). All three of the Nautical sisters incorporate decals into their living spaces. Decals are perfect for apartments (for me and Sister 2) and kid spaces (unlike paint/murals, decals are easy to move around or completely remove).

View from the doorway (closet is on the left):

Animal alphabet decal border:


Crib (my friend M actually handmade the sock monkey that you see in the crib):

Closeup of decal above crib:

Closeup of map:

Changing table:

Closeup of decal above changing table:

Storage near changing table:

The Details:
Crib sheet, crib skirt, Changing Pad Cover
Green and White Striped Lamp Shade
Crib (in maple)
Square Chairs (Serena & Lily-appear to be out of stock)
Animals Alphabet Decals
Animal decals above crib
Changing table/dresser
Giraffe decal above changing table
Storage bins/boxes (Serena & Lily-appear to be out of stock)
Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym
3 Sprouts Crocodile Organizer


  1. I love the decals and the map!! Such pretty colors!

  2. Adorable. I love the map and the alphabet around the wall.

  3. adorable! love the map and all the animal accents without being too overboard on theme! so colorful and cute!

  4. How adorable! You ladies do such a great job at decorating. I should have you decorate for me ;)

  5. That turned out so precious! The decals were such a clever idea. :)

  6. Your sister did such a good job! I love the animal theme. All of those decals will give Baby Nautical something to look at when he's in his room to help day dream. So adorable.

  7. Such a darling nursery. I love what she did. I have to say I am SO happy to see no bumper pad in the crib. They are dangerous and should not be used but I see so many bloggers use them I just cringe. When will people learn nothing in the crib besides a tight fitting sheet and your baby. No stuffed animals, no blankets and no bumper pads, nothing. More education needs to be done across this country. If people are worried about no blanket then they recommend Halo sleep sacks for a safe alternative.

  8. Have a couple questions on sources. LOVE LOVE the rolling toys on the shelfs.
    The owl blanket.
    That hippo pillow!
    Where did you find those?!?!?! LOVE! Appreciate the help!


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