Tuesday, December 4, 2012


5-Knots is part online pop-up shop and part preppy lifestyle guide. Every product sold is featured in a curated preppy style. This month the cufflink and cocktail ring collection is highlighted in curated outfits perfect for holiday parties. 5-Knots also has a blog, Prep Musings, and Tumblr for inspiration. I am especially excited for MW Coastal Goods to be sold on 5-Knots (I posted about MW Coastal Goods here)

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Ahoy ring (for those of you that missed out on the Kate Spade anchor ring, this is the perfect alternative for $30!)

From the 5-Knots tumblr

From the 5-Knots tumblr

Silk knot cufflinks (great stocking stuffer-$20!):


  1. That anchor ring? I NEED IT.

  2. In LOVE with that anchor ring! cute cute cute.

  3. love love love these rings! xx

  4. I REALLY love rings, but always have a hard time finding ones I like. Problem solved because that anchor ring is amazing!


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