Monday, December 17, 2012

Who is Gossip Girl Contest!

Tonight is the FINALE of Gossip Girl! I thought it would be fun to do a little contest with predictions for the big reveal: WHO IS GOSSIP GIRL?! The winner will receive the complete season 1 DVD set*.

Leave a comment with your guess 
If multiple people guess correctly ** then I will choose one winner randomly from the correct guesses

* This is NOT a sponsored giveaway. I used my own money to buy the DVD set for the winner
** and if the identity of Gossip Girl is not actually revealed then I will just randomly choose a winner from the comments


  1. I like the theory that it is Dorota. I guess we'll see tonight!

  2. I want to say its Georgina because I've never liked her....but then that would be too obvious. I hope it's someone totally unexpected!

  3. Dorota!! haha I've thought that for a long time!

  4. It's Nate, he's always flown so under the radar. Oh or Rufus!

  5. After the preview from last week, I'm thinking Dan. I can't believe we have to say goodbye to our beloved upper east-siders tonight! Sniff sniff!

  6. Just trying to think outside of the box, but wouldn't it be crazy if it was Lilly?! She seems so sweet and out of the loop, but I think she knows more than she lets on!

    xx Emily @

  7. Lilly! She is never too phased by the rumors Gossip Girl spreads about her.

  8. There were so many good guesses! I had no idea and loved the reveal. ;)


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