Friday, October 12, 2012

New York recap (part 2)

See the recap of the first half of my New York trip here

Friday: We slept in (much needed) then headed to Cloud City at the Met. Thanks for the tip, EAS! We finally got sunny, low humidity weather. It was perfection!

We didn't have much time for lunch before my sister needed to go to work so we decided to take a risk and try Dos Caminos. Normally I would NOT have Mexican on a trip back east because let's be honest, the Mexican in CA is 100x better. But we were pleasantly surprised! The guacamole was great, Mexican corn was amazing, and my quesadilla and my sister's chicken were so tasty!
My sister headed to work while I headed down to ABC Home and Madewell. I highly recommend checking out ABC Home. There are at least four floors of housewares, accessories, furniture, stationery, and more. I had the most fun browsing the baby and kids room.

I met some friends from my Australia semester for dinner. M, J, and C all live in the area and I was so excited to see them. We went to Don Antonio for dinner. Can you tell I never get tired of pizza?! This place is supposedly the original maker of the lightly fried pizza which we tried. I prefer a bit more cheese but the lightly fried dough was really good. My favorite was the quatro formaggi. SO GOOD!

For dessert we went to Caffe Bene, which is a Korean coffee brand/bakery. I had a waffle with nutella. Amazing. There is now a Caffe Bene in Koreatown here in LA-thinking I might need to go soon! And of course we had to have a mini photo shoot in Times Square!

Saturday: woke up early and said goodbye to New York


  1. I am glad you added City Cloud to your NYC to-do list! I also love pizza and you have me wanting guacamole for breakfast! xx

  2. you went to the madewell in NY?! Jealous!! All the food sounds yummy, but mex in NY? Crazy lol!!

  3. I never would have thought NY has good mexican. :)


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