Saturday, October 27, 2012

Madewell finds for Fall

When I was in New York I went to Madewell and tried on a dress I loved. I was in a rush (long line to pay) so I decided to take a photo and just buy it online or in my local store back home. Of course it wasn't available online (it's the Silk Gatehouse Dress but only the printed version is online-I wanted solid blue)! But I did find it at my local store yesterday for 20% off! As soon as it cools down I will be wearing my new dress with my riding boots!

I also bought this blue and white striped sweater with pink heart elbow patches (yes, I have the heart patch cardigans too!)

I never wear heels but I LOVE these bow mini wedges. How cute is the bow on the back? 
Should I get black or red?

Knowing that I can't resist a bow Madewell also has this mademoiselle top with a bow in the back!

Also available in stripes!

Have you been into Madewell recently? What's on your fall wishlist?


  1. Ugh!! I love Madewell second to JCrew, but I find their prices way too much...weird?

  2. love the striped sweater with the patches!

  3. Everything is so cute! Its probably too late for input, but I say go for the red!

    1. I STILL haven't bought the shoes! I'm nervous because I rarely wear heels. But these are SO cute! I think I like the red best too-will really pop when wearing black pants or LBD!


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