Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Young Hollywood Awards recap

Last Thursday night was the 14th Annual Young Hollywood Awards presented by Bing. The event was held at the Hollywood Athletic Club on Sunset. I talked a little bit about the event in my post about finding a dress. I ended up wearing a dress I found at Cusp. I wouldn't normally wear something strapless but both my sister and the saleslady thought it would be perfect. I tried it on and I did love it!

Here I am on the red carpet:

Leeann of Join the Gossip
has become my partner in crime at these events (our table was just to the left of Leeann):

She took the photo above and this one:

I also met several other bloggers including Jillian of Glitz Glam Mayhem . Here's a photo of us at the after party (no comment!)
Photo via Jillian

When we arrived at the event we were given prime spots on the red carpet. It was so fun to be right in the middle of the action! Bloggers got to stand next to reporters from Teen Vogue, Cosmo, and Glamour! I didn't want to bring a big bag (regret that now!) so I only had my blackberry and ipod touch to take photos. For a full list of presenters and winners go here

Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill:

James Van Der Beek of Dawson's Creek:

Kiernan Shipka of Man Men:

Janel Parrish of Pretty Little Liars:

Ginnifer Goodwin of Once Upon a Time (she was there with Prince Charming-her real life prince charming ;)

Alex Pettyfer looked REALLY good. I will be seeing Magic Mike purely for him! He basically ran through the red carpet so I didn't get any photos

After the red carpet we were seated at a table inside. Our table was right behind Ginnifer Goodwin's. I LOVED her dress! She won the style icon award-well deserved! After the award show we went next door to the after party. There was a candy bar and an open (regular) bar so people were having A LOT of fun!

It was quite a night! I felt so lucky to be invited. I am already looking forward to next year's awards!

***This is not a compensated post, nor was my time at the event. Everything expressed is my own personal opinion only***


  1. This Alex Pettyfer fellow...all i can say is....WOW!!! What a hottie...and I plan on seeing Magic Mike...only to see him...gosh he's cute!!!

  2. I hope you told Sophia Bush that we are still all distraught that OTH ended!!

  3. Yay!! Why do I look like I have a hunchback in the 2nd photo? lol...

    So glad we both got to go :) Such a fun time!

  4. Love your dress! It looks great on you!

  5. You look fantastic! What an awesome opportunity, still can't tell you how jealous I am!

  6. You look awesome! I feel like the dress will become a staple in your wardrobe!

  7. You looked fantastic! I wish I had your long legs.

  8. You lucky thing getting to go! You looked fab! And Alex Pettyfr is a FOX - and ENGLISH Fox of course! ;)

  9. How fun!! Looks like it was just such an awesome night out and a very cool experience!


  10. So jealous! It looks like you had so much fun, but I mean how could you not?! Lucky you getting invited to all of these things!

  11. You ladies looked gorgeous! Glad you were able to attend :)


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