Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nautical Photo of the Week: Nautical Baby Shower!

This week I am sharing photos from Natalie's nautical baby shower. Natalie has already stocked up on nautical outfits for Jack. Can't wait to see photos when he makes his arrival later this summer!

The cake was made by Natalie's sister. She created the crabs with hats, whale and life preservers out of fondant!

Natalie with the cake (she's even wearing a nautical dress!)

The favor boxes were hand painted by Natalie's friend S. She painted them to match the whale on the invitation

The JACK sign was hand painted and crafted by Natalie's friend K.

The diaper cake had all sorts of nautical themed baby goodies attached to it

The sign is actually one used last year at another friend's shower. It can be found on Etsy

The invitation


  1. very cute! I love the color scheme!!! oh and the crab love love!

  2. So honored to be featured! Once the nursery is finished, I hope to share those pictures too!

  3. Sooo cute. I hope to have a little nautical baby shower sometime!

  4. Hi! I am a new fan!

    What a cute themed party!

    Love you blog :)


  5. So darling! That cake is perfection. :)

  6. Really cute!! I love the theme and the cake is perfection :)

  7. What a darling shower! Natalie's sister did an absolutely amazing job on that cake!

  8. Do you know where your friend got those little white bags for the party favors? I want to do this exactly and would love to know!! And did she hand paint the whale or stencil it?

    1. Let me check with Natalie and I will let you know

    2. Hi Rebecca,
      Natalie said her friend hand painted the whales without a stencil. She is not sure where the white favor bags or from (I've seen similar ones at Target)


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