Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Comfortable nautical shoes

I don't do uncomfortable shoes. Seriously. I rarely wear heels (mostly because I am tall and I just can't get used to them) and if I get blisters I don't wear the shoes again unless I really really love the shoes. Last winter I fell and broke my foot. I was wearing flip flops, holding H, and didn't see a huge hole in the dirt at a park. I probably would have been fine but the flip flops gave no support. Thankfully H was fine. Phew! But I had to wear a boot for months and I still have pain if I walk in sandals for a long time. SO I really try not to wear sandals/flip flops to work anymore. It's just not practical (we take a lot of walks!) or safe.

I have had to get creative on shoes that are practical for running around with a toddler but also not hideous.

TOMS Nautical Oxford are so adorable. No blisters and comfortable for long walks

The Webster at Target nautical ballet flats (these are sold out in most sizes. But there's a solid pink version too). I've NEVER received more compliments on anything I own! When I wear these shoes I get a minimum of three strangers saying they are so cute and asking where they are from. It's crazy! They are comfortable too! I've yet to get any blisters in them.

I am not embarrassed to admit I ordered these Crocs. They were way too big and had a complicated return policy (you return and then place a new order-I just wanted to exchange when I returned!). I am going to order another size. They were so comfortable.

Have you found any comfortable (cute) nautical shoes recently? Please share your finds!


  1. LOVE those target flats! Definitely did not ever see those at my target or I would have snatched them up!

  2. I am wanting those Toms too! I read they ran big, so I'm a little anxious about ordering but I will probably break down and do it soon.
    I missed the Target flats, they sold out fast in my size.
    Those are CROCS??? Too cute!

  3. I just got my Toms in the mail yesterday! I haven't tried them on yet, and I have never worn Toms before, so I hope that I got the right size.

    I also love those Target shoes, but usually have a hard time with man-made materials on my feet.

    I am going to look into the Crocs now. Don't even care that they are Crocs. I need comfy shoes for Disney and those would definitely be it!

  4. @Angelbear425-the TOMS definitely stretch a bit so don't panic if they are super tight at first.

  5. I wanted those webster ones but they were sold out in my size. I got the Tory burch stripe ones, they are called the alaine sneakers.

  6. @Kate, Thank you! They were super tight (I usually wear between 8/8.5 and people said they ran a little big so I sized down). I could hardly get my foot into them to the point of pain. I called and they were super nice and did the exchnge right over the phone for me. They are even sending me a pre-paid label to ship these back! I will be waiting for the 8.5 before deciding. Good to know they stretch though.

    I just ordered the Crocs last night as well. I am beyond obsessed with anchors. I love that everything has anchors now.

  7. I saw those TOMS and thought they were adorable! And I like the Target flats, too. :)

  8. TOMs, Sperrys, and Keds are my go-tos. I love those flats though.


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