Friday, June 15, 2012

Apartment Tour: My Bedroom

Fridays this summer I will be linking up to do Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your Home series (see schedule at bottom of post). Today: the bedroom!

I moved into my apartment in March. The bedroom is still a work in progress. You can see a blue and white storage bucket filled with things I have yet to hang!

View from the door:

My family inherited these beautiful wooden pieces from my Great Aunt and Uncle. I am so lucky that I get to use them! Here is the dresser. I still need to find a lamp shade for that white lamp.

PB Teen necklace holder. The white starfish thing holds odds and ends (head phones, chapstick, etc)

My big book shelf:

Put three of my favorite city love prints in a frame. Find them on Etsy here (left to right: DC, Paris, LA)

My beloved chalkboard elephant is hiding in the corner until I can rehang it by my front door/in entryway. Usually I keep my flashlight in a drawer in my nightstand but it's out to remind me to get new batteries

Table is from Marshalls. I stuck a monogram decal on it.

Keep Calm and Sail On print!

My desk (to see how I organize my desk go here). Preppy calendar from the Preppy Princess. Panda trashcan from the Container Store. Everything else is from Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Homegoods

This blue piece is from my stepmom. It was in the dining room in my last place. My sister thought it would look good in my bedroom (the wall goes out a little so it fits perfectly). It holds my headbands, jewelry, etc.

Lilly Pulitzer shift ornaments in a shadow box, elephant chalkboard from Tuesday Morning, framed map of Australia

Lilly Pulitzer quilt that I found on clearance at Tuesday Morning. Monogrammed blanket is a gift from my friend M. During cooler months I use a Tommy Hilfiger comforter that matches my sheets (I prefer the lattice side but it's reversible)

The cable guy broke my lamp when he installed my cable (that's why it looks wonky). It had a pink base (same lamp as the one on my desk but that one is green).

Rug is from Target

The pink and white pillow case and little throw pillow go with the Tommy Hilfiger bedding. My favorite elephants from Anthropologie. These two sleep in my bed

Keeping it real-I left my humidifier on the windowsill. The pink storage ottomans at the end of the bed are from Target

The white ikea chair (garage sale find!) fit perfectly in the corner of my last place. But there isn't much room for it in my new place. I do need the extra seating for when I have friends over so it just sits by the window for now

Here's the schedule for the link up:
June 22 - Show us your dining rooms
June 29 - Show us kids rooms
July 6 - Show us your bathrooms


  1. Oh my stars, I love it all! I especially love the blue furniture piece!

  2. Your room is so cute! Love all the lilly accents.

  3. Love your room! So I'm not weird for loving everything in the PBTeen catalog?

  4. Love the colors! Such a sweet room! I love the blue hutch and great idea to store accessories in it!

  5. Those etsy prints are SO adorable!! My husband went to UVA and I went to tech so I am totally ordering them!! Unfortunately while I love everything about your room, my hubs said we couldn't have a lilly themed room :( ha ha

  6. Ahh want to steal everything here!! Your quilt is SO adorable, love that Keep Calm sign, and totally want to grab a new bedside table and monogram it now!

  7. Love the blue cupboard! And the prints, I've been eyeing those on etsy.

  8. I really love the way you've organize your big bookshelf!

  9. You have such a great room! I love the pink and green combo.

    As you can tell I am a few weeks behind on my blog reading :)


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