Sunday, March 11, 2012


If you are local (or feel like taking a trip to California in the spring) I highly recommend attending PaleyFest. Each year the Paley Center for Media puts on a festival celebrating favorite tv shows-each event includes a preview of an upcoming episode (full or clips) and then the show's cast comes out for a special Q&A. Two years ago I attended Glee (which I actually don't watch anymore), Vampire Diaries, and NCIS (with Angela). The events are streamed live online AND this year they'll be available on starting March 15.

This year there were so many panels I wanted to attend! BUT with my sister's due date right in the middle I had to narrow it down (I bought my tickets before I found out I had to move and thank God I didn't sign up for more panels-no way I could pack everything in time!). I went to Castle, Vampire Diaries and Revenge (on my sister's due date-wasn't going to go to Revenge but my friend had an extra ticket and no sign of the baby so...)

I forgot to bring my camera to Castle (I went straight from work) so only phone photo of that panel (too bad because we had good seats!):

Vampire Diaries with Leeann of Join the Gossip:

Revenge (I LOVED Emily VanCamp's navy lace dress!):

The Revenge panel wasn't as crowded so we went up to the stage after. Joshua Bowman signed my ticket stub after!


  1. Lucky lucky lucky! This looks like so much fun! I should totally do this next year. "The Vampire Diaries" and "Revenge" are awesome! I haven't watched "Castle", but I have a feeling that I would enjoy is quite a bit!

  2. OMG this is awesome! One of your many perks of living in LA. I heart Castle and LOVE Revenge! That is so cool you got to see them. and you don't watch Glee anymore?! When did that stop?!

  3. Yay!! So glad we celebrated out two year anniversary at TVD ;) LOL! No but really, if it weren't for the event, we never would have met!

    Thanks for taking me again this year!

  4. AH!!!! I need to come to Cali for this one day! Love love love.

  5. I had the best time when we went to see NCIS! I still have my autographed ticket stub - I need to frame it!

    So, lots of things going on over here. We really should get together to discuss! Let me know when you are free - it'll probably have to be after the 23rd if that's okay.

    PS - I think Castle is my 3nd favorite show on tv, right behind Hawaii and NCIS: LA :)

  6. Looks super fun! Revenge is a great show!

  7. Something to add to my long-term bucket list! And how could the Revenge panel not be packed? It's soooo good!

  8. castle is my favorite show ever! you are so lucky!


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