Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Essentials: Forever21 Dresses

Forever21 is my go to store for cute, stylish dresses for spring and summer. You just can't beat those prices! The b&m stores can be overwhelming (the tweens! the loud music, the racks and racks of clothing) but shopping online it's more manageable. I often look online first and then head to my local store with a list of what I am looking for. Here are four dresses that I am loving for spring.

L to R: Ruffled Bow Dress, Striped Shirtdress, Self-tie Slub Knit Dress, Belted Stripe Dress

Do you like to hit the racks at Forever21?


  1. Maybe I should try this approach...I always go in feeling overwhelmed and that makes me not want to try new things. So I try on 80 different striped tops/cardigans and that's about it :)

  2. sooo cute! I need to check out Forever, I LOVE that pink and orange tie dress.

  3. I LOVE Forever 21! You just can't beat the prices there!

  4. So cute! They always have a couple gems in the rough. :)

  5. I was there yesterday and bought a cute red blazer but have to return it because there's a stain I can't get out :( AND I saw navy bags with anchors on them. Thought of you :)


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