Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blog friends

Last month I received an email from Hopsy of Kappa Prep. Hopsy wanted to feature me in her Show Us Your Singles blog post (linked up with Kelly's Korner). How sweet is that? Hopsy had been featured before and she wanted to pay it forward to other blog friends. I was flattered that Hopsy chose to feature me. What a great friend! It made me think about all of the friends I have made through blogging. I decided to write a special post about the bloggers I have met in person and now consider real life friends :) And hopefully I can meet all of my blog friends in person at some point. Slowly but surely!

Hopsy and I met in New York when we both attended a taping of the Martha Stewart Lilly Pulitzer show (and a blogger night at the Lilly townhouse that Hopsy organized). If you need ideas for decorating or party planning Hopsy is your girl!


The same weekend in New York I met KAG and Alyssa of A.Tierney , Preppy Sue (I don't think she's blogging anymore), the Pink Washingtoniette, Horse, Hound, and Home, and Erin (formerly Prep E Girl)

Angela of Sweet Tea Diaries and I met for the first time summer 2009. I will probably cry for weeks (months!) if and when she moves back to the south. She made the cutest nautical cupcakes for my trunk show and was with me when we met Michael Weatherly.

Leeann of Join the Gossip
and I bonded over Vampire Diaries. Two years ago I got an email from Angela (above) saying that one of her blog readers loved the show too and I should invite this girl (Leeann) to the PaleyFest event if I still had an extra ticket. Well I emailed Leeann right away and we met for the first time at the event. We've now become good friends and are partners in crime at local events. Leeann loves TV as much as I do and can always make me laugh. We could talk for hours!

With Rachel Bilson (wish she was my friend too ;)

Leeann and I met Annemarie of Brunch at Saks at the Hart of Dixie event last fall. We hit it off instantly and have attended two other events together (Romeo & Juliet Gossip Girl launch and Pretty Little Liars set visit). I want Annemarie to be my decorator when I move into a house (way in the future!). She has amazing style and always looks put together!

The now infamous photo of Annemarie and Leeann wearing the same outfit (they were unfortunately sent the same samples to wear)

At the trunk show that I hosted I finally met One Fabulous Mom and Angry Julie. It was so fun finally meeting them in person! They are both supermoms!

Angela, Leeann, Julie, Liz, me

I met Sarah of Belle on Heels and Annabel Manners at a lunch with Angela when Sarah was in town visiting. We had such a great time chatting about fashion, blogs, TV and everything in between! Annabel Manners was also at the Hart of Dixie event-it was great reconnecting after a couple of years!

Angela, Sarah, Annabel Manners, me

I also had a great meetup with DC/VA/MD bloggers when I lived in DC. I miss those girls!

I love meeting blog friends in person! Have you ever been to a meetup or met local bloggers in person?


  1. I want to come out to CA so badly! It almost happened back in March but fell through, buttt if I do, we will def have to meet and bask in nautical greatness, ha

  2. Aaaah, this makes me want to come back to CA so badly! That was SUCH a fun lunch we had :)

  3. I met a blog friend a couple years ago. It was so much fun! And I just sent a message to another that is going to be near me at the end of the month to see if we can meet up!

  4. I love it when blog friends turn into IRL friends! If I was in LA, I'd totally go to tv-oriented eventsnwith you too!

  5. You were one of my firs blog buddies! I wish you still lived in DC :)

  6. Too fun!! I have the best time with my Boston Blogger friends, it's so exiting putting faces to blogs and twitter handles! :)

  7. Awww this is so sweet! I am SO thankful we're friends. You're def one of my besties in LA and I'm glad to have you in my life (that sounds totally cheesy)! I do know we'll be life long friends :)

  8. Awww, fun! I forgot that I had told you about Leeann! And now you guys are such good friends! That makes me happy :)

    I'm so thankful for our friendship! I can't believe it's been that long since we've met!

  9. I have met 10 bloggers in real life and it has been a very positive experience! I've developed close friendships with some of them which has been a true blessing!

  10. Dang it all, I'm jealous of all of you meeting one another. One day I will manage to get to LA and meet a few of you! Isn't it amazing how many blessings this blog thing brings?

  11. I agreed meeting blog friends in person is the best! We have a little blog/twitter group in the North Atlanta burbs where I live and we've started getting together about once a month. It is so fun...and we talk sooooo much, haha.

    Also, the cities where I have blogger friends keep inching up on my list of places I want to visit....Southern CA definitely included!

  12. I loved meeting you! I hope we can have a repeat one day soon!!


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