Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hart of Dixie event: a night with Rachel Bilson & Meredith Pollack!

I was invited to a special blogger event at the Warner Brothers studio for the new show Hart of Dixie. The show is high on my list of fall shows so I was THRILLED to be invited.

(Join the Gossip, Rachel Bilson, me)

We were driven by golf cart to the set (studios are like their own little cities!). The event took place in a bar that will be a main part of the show (sort of like the Peach Pit for 90210). Once inside you wouldn't even know you were on a set (unless you looked up and then saw tons of lights, cameras, and other film equipment!). The decor was very nautical and I really felt like I was in a small town in Alabama.

On one side of the room: racks of clothing, shoes and accessories for New Yorker Zoe Hart (played by Rachel Bilson).

I spy polkadots!

Lots of nautical stripes!

On the other side: clothing, shoes, and accessories for southern belle Lemon Breeland (played by Jaime King).

More polkadots!

Lots of bows and pearls for Lemon

We were able to browse and take tons of photos. I saw so many things I would love to add to my closet!
A Chanel jacket? Yes, please!

Rachel Bilson and the show's costume designer, Meredith Pollack, did a question and answer session (unfortunately Jaime King was sick and couldn't make it). Rachel talked about her own style (lots of layering-she's a big fan of chunky sweaters paired with skirts and dresses) and where she loves to shop (mostly online shopping at the Outnet and Net-A-Porter, and Piperlime). Meredith talked about how Zoe will stay true to her New Yorker roots for awhile, despite the move to Alabama. Lemon's wardrobe is filled with yellow (with a name like Lemon what do you expect?) and is mostly vintage. Meredith has found some great pieces from old Warner Brothers projects and local store Polkadots & Moonbeams. We might even catch Lemon's friends in Lilly Pulitzer and Brooks Brothers in upcoming episodes. Meredith used to work on Gossip Girl so I am not surprised that Hart of Dixie has such an amazing wardrobe!

After the Q&A everyone mingled while going through the racks of clothing (I could have browsed for hours!). Rachel chatted more about her style and the show.

Meredith made this dress for Lemon! Reminds me of my Kate Spade dress

I went with Join the Gossip

I spotted Annabel Manners (we had met before) and Brunch at Saks recognized me! Both girls wrote their own recaps here and here

Hart of Dixie premieres this Monday, September 26 at 9 right after Gossip Girl!


  1. Soooo jealous!!!! I am definitely going to tune in. Not sure how this missed my list, I saw a promo the other night and got excited. Especially love that you got to see the wardrobe.

  2. This looks like so much fun! I can't tell whose "closet" I like better - the Southern or the NY one which of course had lots of black! I'd like access to both. How cool!
    <3 Honore

  3. What an awesome experience! I really hope I like the show!

  4. Ohmygoodness SO jealous!! That looks like such a fun event and I love her!!

  5. Yay! Thanks so much for inviting me :) I had a blast!!

    You and Rachel look super cute...I look like I have hair growing out of my neck ;)

  6. I die! What a fabulous time you must have had, you are too nice to share it with us. I adore the dress, seeing all of the nautical stripes made me laugh!

    Sending you a smile,

  7. So jealous!!! I cannot wait to watch this show!

  8. I am looking forward to this show!

    Too bad Scott Porter (Jason Street) wasn't there. Hubba Hubba!

    Thanks for sharing your experience!!

  9. You ladies are so cute! I attended the event, and had so much fun. Wish we had met! I thought it was cool that Rachel asked about Missoni for Target. Meredith is so sweet, it was really an awesome event.

  10. Can I come back as you in my next life? I'm obsessed with Rachel Bilson and her column in InStyle. And considering I am living in the middle of nowhere North Carolina, I think I'm going to have to watch this show.

  11. How fun for you. I would have been drooling all over those clothes and accessories. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

  12. shut up shut up shut up! you look great!



  13. What an amazing event!!!! Looks like a ball! I am dying over that pearl layered necklace! Super fun eve! Have a fabulous weekend!

  14. This looks like such an awesome event! I saw a commercial for this show and it great. I cannot wait to see all the beautiful clothes and jewlwey on display!

  15. Can you feel my jealousy way out there in Elle Aye? Those clothes, that Bilson! Too cool.

    This show is on my "must investigate" list, so I'm glad to have this reminder to set my DVR already.


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