Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Birthday wish list

My birthday is just a few weeks away so it's time to post my wishlist! I'm not sure what I actually want this year. These five things are true wish list items (meaning I probably won't get them but if I had money to spend they would be mine)

I don't usually like skulls but there's something about this Rugby tote. I love the nautical flags and different striped tie patterns:

A monogrammed bracelet. Classic and perfect for every day or special occassions. Marley Lilly monogram bracelet:

These Jonathan Adler whale bookends would complete my nautical apartment. Ok, my apartment will never be complete (there's always something nautical to add!) but how cute are whale bookends?

Not sure I would get much use out of this Lacoste beanie but it has a bow! And it's pink!

These do not look comfortable. No pain no gain though! These are so nautical and I love the red rope bow. Anthropologie ballet flats:

What's on your wishlist? Any other libras out there? I heard that October 5 is the most common birthday so comment if that's your big day (mine is October 8)


  1. Great wish list, I want everything on your list too hahah!!! I love the Jonathan Adler book ends, they are so fun and nautical.

  2. Love the Marley Lilly bracelet. It was so much fun to see you last night! xoxo

  3. I can so see the whale in your place! It'd fit in perfectly :)

  4. Ohhhhhhhh Love the Hat! Might have to go on my wish list as well!

  5. I'm LOVING those flats and the monogrammed bracelet!!!!

  6. Great picks! I want it all, haha! Particularly those flats and the bag; I saw that bag at the Rubgy store in August and have been lusting since.

  7. To no one's surprise, you have chosen all wonderful items that any girl would be lucky to receive!

  8. Love, love all of these, especially the Rugby tote. How cute! I saw those John Adler bookends in the store on Newbury Street (Boston) and they are fab.

    xo lamb loves

  9. Love your list. I also found an Aquarium jar on Jonathan Adler because you posted the whale bookends, which I also love.

    Happy Birthday a couple of weeks early.

  10. My husbands b-day is October 8 too and mine is the 19th! What a group of Libras!! LOVE LOVE LOVE those Anthro flats! SO CUTE!!


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