Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to incorporate nautical into Fall and Winter (part 2)

Part 1 here

This past weekend I did quite a bit of browsing online and started seeing a trend in the new arrivals. I found another easy way to incorporate nautical into your fall looks. Like the navy and brown combination, this is a subtle nautical look (read: I'm not really sure you can call these looks nautical but let's just go with it). I always associate seersucker with nautical because they are both big during summer (think seersucker critter shorts). It looks like you can get the seersucker look without looking too summery. I found the pieces below in the NEW ARRIVALS of J.Crew, Vineyard Vines, and Lilly Pulitzer which means they are supposed to be for fall. I love these looks! The three pieces in the set below are technically pinstripe I think but I admit I don't see a huge difference. Readers please comment with your thoughts on seersucker vs. pinstripe. Do you think it's the material? Width of the stripe? Season?

J.Crew, color is baltic

Vineyard Vines, color is Caribbean Blue

Lilly Pulitzer, color is Starry Blue Conductor Stripe


  1. I definitely think you can get away with pinstripes for fall. Although it looks like seersucker from afar, I think the key difference is the fabric. Thin cotton is definitely meant for spring and summer!

  2. What makes seersucker is the texture. So, fabric can be pinstriped, like the items you've shownm but they are not seersucker, because of the texture. The texture of seersucker has to be puckered.

  3. I purchased that VV tunic and it looks great with jeans or even vanilla-colored cords and navy TB Revas. I think I need the Lilly dress next!

  4. I LOVE the Lilly dress, not only does the seersuck make it nautical, but the blue and white polka dot bow adds to the nautical look, great finds!

  5. tDr and ms. mindless: you'd be surprised how many people out here call all stripes seersucker! I rarely see any actual seersucker out here :(

  6. I'm still obsessing over that look from Lilly! I definitely love the blue and white pinstripe look for fall; it looks great with the red here.


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