Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When Bows Attack

I cannot resist bows. Bow headbands, bow tops, bows on a dress, bows on shoes. If there's a bow, I probably own it. But sometimes BOWS ATTACK. Sometimes you must just SAY NO TO THE BOW! For every cute bow item, you'll find at least one awful bow (too flashy, too big, weirdly positioned, etc). Here are some examples of when you need to say no to the bow:

1. Big bow headbands like this are for the runway or Gossip Girl.
2. This reminds me of something you would see at prom. 20 years ago. If you can pull it off power to you!
3. Weird number of bows. Not all over, not just a couple.
4. Animal print bows. Hmmm could be cute. Could be too much
5. Yikes.
6. Not a fan of this cropped style shrug
7. I have a cardigan with cut out bows on the back. Down one arm? Not a fan


  1. I really like bows to but I always have to remind my self that a little bow goes a long way! Cute post!

    xo Julia @ misssouthernpreppy.blogspot.com

  2. I love bows too - check out these shoes I got! http://savingmoneyfashionably.com/?p=39
    I looked at them for 4 months before I finally purchased.

  3. You can never have too many bows. I, personally, don't have enough :)

  4. Ha Ha! I LOVE bows also, but yes there are times to go without.

  5. I think that bows are highly underrated! I usually love them, but I agree that every now and then it's just like "no."


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