Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fashion rules/white after Labor Day?

There are so many fashion rules that I don't follow. Just look at this old photo of me!

But seriously: I wear white year round. I mix my blues and I most definitely mix brown and black. I think I prefer NOT to match my shoes and bag (sometimes they are the same color but usually not). I'm pretty sure I've worn leggings as pants. I don't think I will ever wear denim on denim though. I have to draw the line somewhere ;)

I know there are several bloggers who still feel strongly about no white after Labor Day. I get it but I pretty much dress for the weather and it's warm almost year round here. I am pretty sure I'll be wearing white Lilly shorts in December. Living in Los Angeles I see every fashion do and don't on a daily basis. I have seen some CRAZY outfits! You get a mix of people dressing for the season and people dressing for the weather. For example, during winter I will see a girl in uggs, scarf, sweater (dressed for the season) right next to a girl in sandals and a sundress (dressed for the weather).

Will you wear white now? Are there any fashion rules that should be broken? Let's hear your thoughts on fashion rules!


  1. There are still 8 days of Summer to savor. :-) I wear whatever is appropriate for the season. During the winter, I like to wear winter white and cream wool (I live in a cold climate). And I always wear white turtlenecks.

  2. I think the strongest believers in that rule are us girls here in the south, ha. I mean in some parts of the country, it's already started snowing, so I guess technically they could start rocking their winter white :-) (thank God it's not snowing here, I'm currently having a panic attack that it's supposed to be in the 60's at our football game on sat...)

  3. I have issues mixing brown & black. I keep trying to get over it but my mother ingrained it in me!

    I do enjoy wearing white as long as the material is heavier. Like my white jeans. I have no idea is that's acceptable or not but I do it!

  4. I am a Southerner..
    living in Denver Colorado..
    after labor day, my white shoes,purses,shorts, pants, and dresses are put away.
    then I bring out my winter white and slowly begin the transition to heavier fabrics and warmer clothes..
    and here, I do dress for the season..but when back home in Florida, i dress for comfort, sandals, shorts and tees..even in December!..but also have sweats for the rainy days which can be damp and chilly!
    warmest sandy hugs..

  5. I think it makes absolutely no sense to follow seasonal fashion rules if your seasons aren't that different from one another!

    For us New Englanders and New Yorkers, however, the weather changes drastically. I only stand firm in the "no white after Labor Day" rule when it comes to pants/skirts and shoes. Wearing white espadrilles in October or stark white jeans in December is inappropriate, IMHO. But...if I lived in sunny Southern Florida, you bet I'd be rocking white year round!

  6. Even though I live here now, I still don't wear white after Labor Day. I will wear white sandals before Memorial Day though. I do everything else you do though - brown & black is one of my favorite combos, and I love wearing leggings as pants! But denim on denim is just awful.

  7. I LOVE the old pic! Darling! Winter white is always in :) I have a whiteish cream ostrich KS bag and I am now wondering if I can use it through the fall? I never know all the rules! Go with what make you happy!

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  9. When I'd heard of that rule before moving here I'd heard it as "don't wear white jeans after Labor Day", which is a lot easier to follow than No White - that's crazy, in SoCal, white t-shirts/flip flops are so common.

    I hate brown and black together, not because it's a rule but I just don't like it. It's very very rare that I'd wear those colors together. I never try to match my shoes and bag though (if it happens, it's accidental!) and I agree that denim on denim is certainly wrong!

  10. I'm learning to ignore the no whites before Memorial / after Labor Day rule; it feels ridiculous shelving my cool whites when the temperatures are still in the 90s & 100s here, and the same certainly applies to sunny Southern California.

    Think most of these dressing rules are dated - and you know how I like me some antiquated rules :-).

  11. I was actually just thinking about this the other day. I have lived in Florida pretty much my entire life and am still rocking my shorts, tank tops, and sundresses and I am completely shocked when I see my friends and family from up north already in jackets, gloves, and boots.

    I definitely don’t follow fashion rules. I wear white all year round and mix my blacks and browns all the time and I see absolutely nothing wrong with doing so.

  12. i think as long as it is above 80 degrees, white pants and shorts are fair game no matter what the season.

  13. I suppose I wear winter white, but I've never really given the "rules" much thought. I wear what I think looks good.


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