Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NCIS event recap

*this is pretty long but I did include photos of hot actors ;)*

Monday night Angela and I went to the NCIS PaleyFest event. We were able to watch last night's episode, which was great (they only showed a clip at the Lost event, for obvious reasons)! After the Q & A portion Angela and I headed to the stage to see if we could get autographs/photos with the cast. **Normally I do not ask celebrities for autographs or photos (when I see an actor at the mall or singer at the airport, for example) but at events like this I go for it (along with every other audience member, hahaha).

I couldn't believe how quickly everyone rushed the stage! So many people were pushing and not even caring that they were literally on top of other people! There was one guy who was especially aggressive and I was so annoyed that he was just getting photos signed to sell on ebay! UGH! I just want something to put in my scrapbook-I don't need 10 photos signed!

Total mob scene!

SO Angela and I waited patiently while all the rude pushy people shoved their way through. Well then Michael Weathe*rly came over to where Angela and I were waiting. Everyone else was shoving their huge 8 x10 photos in his face. I just smiled. He looked right at me, took the ticket and said "A ticket stub. A bit more original than those photos" (or something like that-I could barely concentrate!). I think I even said "And I am not selling this on ebay." He smiled*. AMAZING. Really. He is even cuter in person (and just as witty/funny as Tony). Then I remembered Angela behind me (this is one of those times where I was so glad to be tall-I think that is how he could see me!)-she probably would have killed me if I had forgotten to get hers signed too. So I took Angela's ticket and politely asked if he could sign my short friend's ticket too**. Ok I probably wasn't thinking straight but it worked and he laughed (swoon) and I passed the ticket forward. So with some patience and big smiles Angela and I succeeded! ***

* I think there could have been a bit more to the conversation but I was so excited I really can't remember what was said!
**I didn't want him to think I was just being greedy like those ebay people. Fortunately I think he could see Angela behind me too so she'll forgive me for calling her my "short friend" ;)
***Angela has been super busy at work so she INSISTED I write a very detailed description of this. Then I couldn't find my camera cord to upload photos so Angela actually posted before I did (I wrote this the night of though)

You can't use a flash during the panel so the zoomed photos look a little off

My favorite photo of the night:


  1. OMG I am so jealous. SO JEALOUS.

  2. Oh my goodness! I am so jealous of the two of you! Thank you for posting this! I love this show so much and McGee is my favorite character and that picture of him is perfect!

  3. How fun! I'm so jealous that you got to meet all of them!

  4. Lucky you! It pays to have patience and manners. :)

  5. Your photos turned out so well!

  6. So so cool!!!!!!

    After reading Angela's post about this yesterday I checked the Paleyfest website to see if they would be having a panel for "The Mentalist" I would DIE to see Simon Baker in person, nothing scheduled this year, but maybe next!

  7. Sooo Jealous!! I have such a crush on Tony and McGee!!

  8. You have lived my dream. I would seriously fly to CA for this. I love Jethro Gibbs. ;-) They are all so darling!! I loved Tuesday night's episode, as I do them all.

    How fun this would be with the Man Man cast! Do you watch MM?? xoxo

  9. Hello Kate!

    wow! let me start by saying - I AM JEALOUS!

    and second, your blog is too cute! :)

    and third, how adorable is the last photo...she's so pretty and he is well...very pretty ;)

    have a great weekend!


  10. That sounds so exciting. Wanna swap blog links? My website is

  11. Yay PaleyFest! Thanks again for inviting me! I am blogging about it now and will probably post in a few days!


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