Thursday, August 18, 2016

Shopping my closet for work clothes

Once I moved back to LA and became a nanny, I donated and sold most of my work/professional/office clothes from my DC internships. But I have had a few interviews and meetings in grad school and I have a bunch coming up as part of my thesis and a research project I'm working on in my department. I decided to shop my own closet (HA!) to see what was working with. I actually came up with a few different outfits. I cropped my head out because I was making silly faces in some of these. I feel way more comfortable behind the camera!

This top has bows all over and a big bow in front 

I have one black cardigan from Zara that I wish I had bought multiple of. I love it!

This skirt still had the tags on it. But I've already worn it to one meeting and am planning on wearing it a lot this fall

I ended up finding nude ballet flats to wear with the skirt when I have to be more dressed up than sandals

My go to for more formal meetings

I will pair this with my black cardigan or possibly another color-haven't decided or maybe a blazer


  1. They look great! I especially like outfits 3 and 4! (Maybe combining the button down and the cardigan would also work!)

  2. I love the last top! And the skirt is super cute!


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