Friday, July 29, 2016

Sun Valley trip recap

Long over due post alert! I went to Sun Valley, Idaho for the first time in four years for the 4th of July. I hadn't realized just how much I missed it! My family goes every year but I couldn't always get the days off to join them when I was working full time. It was relaxing and so nice to get fresh mountain air! The only bad part was when my flight home was canceled. Thankfully a nanny friend was able to cover for me at work since I couldn't get home until Friday (instead of Wednesday). But there are certainly worse places to get stuck! ;)

You just can't beat the view!

Spotted lots of bunnies

My nephews enjoying the same activity I loved as a kid-exploring the streams and making sticks, boats, etc. float through 

Everywhere you look there's a beautiful view
4th of July dinner

Exploring after dinner

After dinner walk on my last night

Pretty flowers


More climbing and exploring

4th of July attempt at photoshoot with my sister (a bit bright out! HA!)
My outfit for our 4th of July BBQ

Horses! I love to stop and pet them when I'm walking to/from town


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