Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend recap/Fiesta!

1. I actually found a couple of shirts at the Op Shops (including a red Penguinpolo for $2.99) and will post pictures very soon

2. The Ice Bar was very fun but very cold. I was definitely ready to leave when our 30 minutes were up!

3. I am already getting depressed about leaving Australia (for the record I am done with school the second week of June and returning to CA sometime around June 23).

4. I am going to Gold Coast for a relaxing, warm (winter weather has hit Melbourne) mini-vacation before finals.

5. I am so homesick for good Mexican food! Fortunately my fellow Californian (and Mexican-American) friend is having a Cinco de Mayo party so I can sorta celebrate.

6. My mom and sister will be here in exactly 2 weeks!

7. My new roommate moves in tomorrow. I have been living alone for over 2 weeks so it will definitely be hard to have someone new here. BUT it's only a month and I can stay at the hotel with my fam for a week if I have to.

8. The new episodes of Grey's are starting this SUNDAY! WOOHOO!
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  1. Well, yay that you'll be back in LA soon!!! That ice bar sounds AWESOME, though I'm not so sure about partying in a parka *laugh*

  2. The ice Bar looks like it was a blast! I was going to say it looked really cool, but then... yeah. (I know, I know. I had to.) I actually googled the Gold Coast and the photos look insane - wow! That looks like one place yours truly would lovelovelove to visit! :-)


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