Saturday, May 31, 2008

Well at least it will be summer when I get home

I am going to Gold Coast this weekend and unfortunately the weather has taken a turn for the worst (rainy, cool, thunderstorms, the works). I am sad that I won't be able to surf in world famous Surfer's Paradise but vacation is vacation. We will be checking out this awesome themepark called Dreamworld. It's the Australian equivalent to Disneyworld, with multiple "worlds" including Movie World and White Water World. For $10 extra we get to go to the eviction show of Big Brother (which is on EVERY night here and highly addictive). I can't wait to check out the shopping too!

Have a great weekend everyone! I won't be updating until Tues/Wed.


  1. Have a fun time!!

    I just saw this skirt and of course thought of you :)

  2. Have fun! The Aussie always waxes nostalgically (sp?) about DreamWorld - take lots of piccys!

  3. Thanks so much for your comment! I love reading your blog- a few of my friends studied abroad in Australia in college and I seriously considered it, so its really cool to read about all your experiences! Enjoy the rest of your time :)

  4. Maybe the weather will have turned out to be better than expected...or at the least the eviction show will be cool. Maybe you'll just get some relaxation time....or not.
    As you point out, it will be summer when you get home. Does that seem very soon, or a long time away still? Are you packing yet?


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