Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nautical ebay find

Ok, maybe I am crazy but I think this was a total steal: pink and white Rafe bag WITH anchor and boat keychains for under $10!


Now a question for all of you ebayers: do you bid as soon as you see something you like or wait until the auction is ending? I ask because I usually wait until under an hour and then bid. I feel like bidding when there are still days left just drives up the prices. Thoughts??


  1. I usually wait until right before the listing ends before I start to bid. Then I don't drive up the price.

    Enjoy your week!

  2. Definitely wait until the auction ends. There are even sights like AuctionStealer.com I've used before on high dollar listings. It bids for you seconds before the auction closes if you put in the highest amt you'd pay! Crazy... The bag sounds like a great deal to me!

  3. What a great deal! I usually wait until the end to bid too. However I just bid an a wristlet with 4 hours left because there were no bids and I know I won't be near the computer then. Plus I wont be heartbroken if I miss it.

  4. Ok I don't use eBay but the boyfriend does and doesn't bid until the very end. As you said, you wouldn't want to drive up the price.

    That bag is CUTE. I was at Target today and saw an anchor shaped cat toy. I've gone a little crazy with the cat toys and resisted buying it. There was also a giant fish shaped crackly sack thing but listening to the kitten playing in that at 2am wouldn't be any fun.

  5. Sometimes, if I really know exactly how much I am willing to spend, I'll just bid that amount and walk away. That way I'm not tempted to keep increasing my bid later.

  6. Cutest Bag, what a find! I have so many nautical things to share with you that you will love! Will post to my blog soon for you to see.


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