Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Team Serena or Team Blair?

I'm not sure if I missed something on Gossip Girl (I haven't seen any of the post-strike episodes) or if these are just for fun, but Fred Flare is selling Team Serena and Team Blair shirts!

Check them out here

I'm team Blair ;)


  1. I love Blair! Whenever I read the books I always wanted to be her. Have her clothes, her hair and her life. There was a quote on the last episode and she said "I'm the crazy bitch around here" Shes great!

  2. Hmmm- not sure what that is about. They have been back to being besties for a while now. I love Serena's personality but Blaire's style is awesome. Oh to have that closet (and budget- or lack of!)!


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