Monday, August 27, 2012

Photo Day in the Life

Hello to those of you coming over from Kelly's Korner! This is a post I did back in August but our week day schedule is still exactly the same. H was 2.5 when I wrote this.

I love reading day in the life posts on other blogs. My days are all pretty similar and not very exciting. But I thought I would share a "typical" day in a more exciting way-with photos! I did a post back in 2010 when H was a baby and my work hours were not as crazy (ah those were the days). I left out basic details (going to the bathroom, emailing H's mom, etc) but tried to include everything else that happens during the day

6:47 AM Alarm goes off. Unplug Blackberry and briefly scroll through emails (mostly shopping/blog related)
6:50 get in the shower
7:00 start breakfast (put bread in toaster, make chocolate milk). Brush hair while bread is toasting
7:15 sit down to eat (I should eat at my counter or table but I sit on the couch instead)

7:35 done with breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed
7:47 leave for work
7:55 arrive at work, check my Blackberry again since I am early
7:59 walk into work. H is in his high chair eating breakfast with his parents
8:15 H is done eating and out of high hair. Cleaning ladies arrive (they do the heavy cleaning every 2 weeks. SO THANKFUL for that!)
8:17 I restock diapers and wipes while H is with his mom/following around the cleaning ladies
8:22 Change H's diaper after his mom leaves
8:25 We play in playroom (trucks, puzzles, read books)

(that white across his back is the sun coming in!)

8:50 Go into H's bedroom and get ready to go to park

I love the penguin backpack!

9:05  Load H into the car
9:10  Forget I needed gas so I stop to get gas
9:20  On the road again
9:31  Arrive at park
11:30  Leave park
11:40 Quick lunch at Marty's (delicious hot dogs AND it's next to a fire station. Enough said). Easier to eat out on the days they clean
12:05 PM home and immediate diaper change
12:10 We play in playroom

12:45 Take H into bedroom for naptime routine, read books, change diaper
1:00 H asleep in crib

1:10 Take dog outside and throw his toy
1:15 Sit down and turn on computer (normally I would eat lunch but we stopped on the way home from park since I knew they would still be cleaning)
2:45 H is up. Curse the gardener next door.
3:05 Go get H from his room, H sits on potty
3:14 Start making smoothie for H (to make up for the not super healthy lunch ;)
3:17 My mom calls, H goes into playroom to play while I run around the house
3:25 Switch out laundry to dryer (normally I would do laundry during nap but the cleaning ladies did most of the laundry in the morning)
4:10 We have some crackers at H's little table

4:15 H wants to scroll through photos on my iPod (my sister just sent photos of Baby Nautical)
4:20 start lesson/art/coloring (we are working on learning one letter each week)

4:23 Put dog outside
4:31 get dog from outside because he is barking like crazy (as usual)
4:44 H is done coloring
4:46 dog is finally asleep in his bed, H in playroom

4:50 start preparing dinner (chicken), dog following me around AGAIN

4:57 I go into playroom and help H line up all of his trucks
5:15 My friend arrives to babysit. I usually work until 6:30 but both parents are working late so instead of making me stay late they get a babysitter so I can make it to dinner. yay!
5:30 I continue making dinner while friend tells me about getting fired (she worked for an awful family and was going to quit).
6:10 I am finally out the door after settling H in with babysitter
6:20 Arrive at my grandma's birthday dinner 
7:25 home from dinner. Quickly change into my running clothes
7:35 Head out the door for a run
8:10 home, quick shower

(keeping it real!)

8:45 sit down on couch and check email
9 turn on the TV and have some yummy peach

10:45 turn off TV. Brush teeth. Get into bed and read
11:35 set alarm, turn off my light. BEDTIME!


  1. I love that penguin backpack!!

  2. Hiya! Long-time reader (don't know if you remember, but I was the one that used to blog while living in Japan) and loved this day in the life post. My life has certainly changed since I became a teacher, so I should definitely do one of these!

  3. What a cute idea! My work days would be very boring and consist of lots of pictures of my computer screen, phone or conference rooms. ;) I love your crab glass!

  4. I'm jealous of your commute! Not that I commute, but when I did it was never that short! And 2 hours at the park? You are a rockstar!

  5. You are busyyyyy! I'm so nosy so I love this!

  6. Loved reading this! What a fun post :) Busy, busy day but sounds like a good one!!

  7. Wow what a busy day! You spend two hours at the park with him? Kuddos to you for that! I never make it that long with my daughter.

  8. I love these posts! What a busy day, and you go girl for running after such a long day. :)

  9. Sounds like a crazy "average day"!

  10. I loved reading about your day! Have a great weekend!


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