Monday, March 28, 2011

Sseko Designs

Reader Kate P. emailed me about this wonderful company, Sseko Designs, that makes nautical sandals! The sandals are made by young women in Kampala, Uganda.

Starboard sandal:

"Sseko Designs hires recent secondary school graduates for this nine month period to live and work together, while earning money that will go directly towards their university education. The goal of Sseko Designs is two-fold: provide university tuition for these promising young women through a sustainable monthly income, while also contributing to the overall economic development of Uganda" (SOURCE)

How it works: first you choose your size/base sandal. Then you choose the straps (the straps are interchangeable). The straps can be tied in hundreds of ways!

"The base of the sandals are hand made from genuine leather. Every pair of sandals comes with a pair of straps. The base of the sandals, regardless of the pattern or color of the strap you choose, are made the same. Each sandal has five anchor points to loop the straps through that allow you to tie your sandals differently everyday!" (SOURCE)


  1. Wow! How cool, I will have to look into this next year after graduation, these are adorable! I must get a pair!

  2. I used to wear these in high schooL! Hope you had a great weekend doll! Kori xoxo

  3. Those are so cute!

  4. Adorable! I definitely want a pair. :)

  5. what a great find Kate! I will def check these out.


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