Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nautical Outfit of the Week: A Wedding!

Reader Marianne submitted photos of her nautical wedding and I was blown away! I am saving the photos as inspiration for my own (way in the future) wedding.

The theme: Love Anchors All
September 2010, San Dimas, California (over looking Puddingstone Lake)

Favors: Soul Mateys (LOVE it!)

The cake and cupcakes!


Yes, they even had an anchor above them at the ceremony!


  1. So cute!! If only we could re-do our weddings every 10 years!!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this. I wish I had all these great ideas when I got married.

  3. So so so sweet! I want a Nantucket themed wedding, and those cupcakes seem perfect!
    Fun post,

  4. That wedding looks superbly wonderful! It's all so adorable. :)

  5. oh yayy!!! i just found this post! =) i have been a bit off my game (internet/blog wise) I am soooo glad you posted it!!! =) My wedding was perfect! Thanks for sharing!!!


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