Thursday, February 10, 2011

Favorite TV Couples!

Valentine's Day 2009 I posted about my favorite couples and I loved reading all of the comments. Apparently I forgot to do this in 2010 (oops!)

So let's hear it: which couples do you love? Which ones should be broken up? Who has the best chemistry?
Rachel and Finn OR Rachel and Puck? Or maybe you liked Rachel and Jesse? Finn and Quinn? Sam and Quinn? (Glee)
Damon and Elena OR Elena and Stefan? (Vampire Diaries)
Chuck and Blair? Blair and Nate? Serena and Nate? Blair and Dan? (I could go on and on...) (Gossip Girl)
Casey and Cappie OR Casey and Evan? (Greek)
Nikita and Michael: should they get together? (Nikita)

I always have to throw these 2 in:
Dawson OR Pacey? (Dawson's Creek)
Ben OR Noel? (Felicity)

Comment away with your favorites (feel free to include couples I didn't post-these are just the ones I thought of first)!


  1. I just recently re-watched all of Dawson's Creek and Felicity, and I have to say DAWSON and NOEL! :)

  2. Quinn and Sam
    Rachel and Jesse

  3. Without a doubt, Chuck and Blair. I love how they TRY to not love each other when it is SO obvious they are madly in love. Charles' debonaire looks and Blair's sophisticated fashion leave me begging for another power couple dance on the moon-peonies and all!

  4. I love to hate Chuck and Blair. I am not into Serena and Ben, but love Serena and Nate:) they just make a gorgeous couple.

  5. I love Felicity! Everytime I watch it I am so torn between Ben and Noel. I think it goes back to my belief that there is no one right person for you. There are probably several that would be good for you, and it's up to you to make the best choice...ben and noel were good for different reasons. But, at the end of the day, I wish it had been Felicty and Noel!

  6. I still love Friends, so my favorite is Monica & Chandler!
    And of course Marshall & Lily on HIMYM!

  7. Can't decide about the couples on glee...I think I like Finn & Quinn more than Finn & Rachel.

    Casey & Cappie!

    And yes, Nikita and Michael need to get together already! They're my fave :)

  8. what a fun list! i'm totally showing my age, but here goes:
    George & Weezie (The Jeffersons)
    Joanie & Chachi (Happy Days)
    Charls & Carolyn (Little House on the Prarie)
    Bobby and Pam (DALLAS)

  9. Dawson and Joey for sure!
    Rachel and Puck; although I am loving Puck's interest in the big girl.
    Chuck and Blair
    Casey and Cappie

  10. Doug and Carrie from King of Queens!
    Those two are so real and just as crazy as us real life non perfect people are :)

  11. Pacey forever!!!!!

    and Chuck and Blair (of Chair) -- of course!!!

  12. PACEY! lol

    Chuck and Blair.

    Stefan and Elena...although Damon needs some love too!

  13. I love this. Totally Blair and Chuck. And ALWAYS Joey and Dawson.

  14. Couples I Love: Chuck and Blair

    Couples I think should be broken up: Rachel and Puck, Serena and Nate/Dan

    Couples that have the Best Chemistry: Pacey and Joey, Chuck and Blair

    Good questions!!


  15. Chuck and Blair
    Still not sure about Quinn...but I'll say Quinn and Sam for now.
    Lucas and Peyton-OTH
    Brooke and Juilian-OTH

  16. Oh, SO many....

    Lily and Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)
    Tami and Eric (Friday Night Lights)
    Monica and Chandler (Friends)
    Quinn and Sam (Glee)
    Lucy and Ricky (I Love Lucy)
    Buffy and Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
    Pam and Jim (The Office)
    Carol and Doug (ER)

  17. I would have to say that Ben and Felicity were adorable together, even though he was more of a bad boy. But he's just so cute!

    My favorite show is "The West Wing" so I have to mention Josh & Donna. I waited 8 seasons for them to finally get together- it was exhausting!


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