Friday, October 24, 2008

Shout out

to all these FAB bloggers (who gave me awards in the past month and I didn't always acknowledge on here-sorry!) I HATE having to choose people to pass the awards onto so I avoid it like the plague. I read so many blogs that it is too hard to choose just a few. So check out these blogs asap :)

Life is Reed-iculous!
Another Online Mom
Muffy Martini
Are we there yet, Candice?
Less of a Marilyn more of a Jackie
Positively Preppy in Pink
The Monogrammed Nest
Landlocked Mermaid
The Preppy Pearl
Pink Cupcake
Dugout Daisy
Tales of a Northern Belle


  1. Great idea!! I so don't understand the award etiquette. I got one and then got the same one a day later...which is so sweet, but do I repost?? so confused.. Great way of handling it xoxoxo

  2. Awww thanks for the shout out :)


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