Friday, October 10, 2008

Because it's Friday...

I present to you my Future Husbands (yes plural). Throughout the years there have been many. Some make the cut and then quickly drop off the list. Others stay at the top for years. Here are my current top 5:

1. Scott Speedman
Best known for: Playing a-hole Ben Covington on Felicity, touching my butt while posing for a photo with me and M, and being my consistent number 1 for a long time
I forgive him for: this awful movie

Here is the cropped photo from our meeting (yes, it is that embarrassing of me)

2. Joshua Jackson
Best know for: Playing Pacey Witter on Dawson's Creek
I forgive him for: Assaulting a police officer (and the mug shot that goes along with the arrest)
Slightly random candid shot (how could you resist a man who can look so good in a pink stripe sweater?!):

3. Justin Timberlake
Best known for: his time in the boy band *NSYNC
I forgive him for: Breaking up with Britney (but I will still pray they get back together)
Photos from JT's concert last year:

Now the previous 3 have been my top FHs for a long time. Michael Vartan did used to be way up there though. However, he unfortunately lost his appeal and was removed from the top 5 (drastic but true). So we now have some new guys to add to the list ;)

4. James Lafferty
Best known for: Playing star baseketball player Nathan Scott on One Tree Hill
I forgive him for: his not always Oscar worthy acting ;)

5. Dave Annable
Best known for: Crushing on his "sister" on Brothers and Sisters
I forgive him for: Dating one of the Olsen twins

Honorable mentions (you know the married, have kids, serious relationship guys) in no specific order:
Matt Damon (who has my birthday! or I guess I have his?)
Ryan Gosling (he and Rachel McAdams are so cute together)
Simon Baker (if he gets divorced...), rent Something New-such a romantic, cute movie (and he looks way hotter than he did in The Devil Wears Prada)!
Enrique Murciano from Without a Trace
Brian Greenberg from One Tree Hill, October Road, and Prime (bad movie but he looks so good)
And of course the main men for most women: Brad and George
And Heath Ledger, RIP

I'm sure once I publish this I'll remember someone or want to add to the list. Just remember that there is always room on the FH list ;)

Who makes your list??


  1. Very nice, very nice... Scott Speedman looks way hotter when you met him than I've ever seen him!

    I guess Josh Duhamel is at the top of my list, if he'd just get rid of Fergie..

  2. You know Simon Baker is in a new show called the Mentalist on Monday nights I believe, I (heart) him too. Although I think last I read his wife Jennifer Esposito divorced him.....back on the market!

  3. I forgot to add Patrick Dempsey, not the Can't Buy Me Love (I'm not that much of a fan) he first got my attention in some mini-series he did related to the Kennedy's. Of course, Sweet Home Alabama, YUM!

  4. 1)did you just call ben an a-hole? remember, all that a-hole stuff *never actually happened*
    and thank you for sparing the blog-world that picture of me as well.
    2)did katy email you about dave annable or did you just decide on him? the other night when we were watching B&S she proclaimed that he should be your #5.
    3) it was bradley cooper who was married to jennifer esposito right?

  5. i have a huge thing for scott speedman, too. i also love robert downey, jr., ben affleck.

    but jake gyllenhall is my number 1!!!

  6. George Clooney is definitely my #1! Also, John Krasinski, Kirk Herbstreit, and definitely Josh Jackson. :) Scott Speedman is a good one too! And Maks from Dancing With The Stars. I mean really, my list could go on and on and on!!!!

  7. 1. Joshua Jackson
    2. David Beckham
    3. Leonardo DiCaprio

    all sooooo hot.

  8. VERY NICE to see in the morning. I LOVE your list! Like I love 2,4,5,7,8 and 9. Hahah. Totally made my morning!

  9. Here is my list:

    1.Ryan Gosling (Fovever and always will be my #1-unless of course he breaks Rachel McAdam's heart again-then I may have to knock him down to #2)

    2. James McAvoy (There is just something about his eyes and the freckles on his nose that makes me want to do lots of really naughty things with him.)

    3. Leonardo DiCaprio (I hate that he only dates supermodels, but I just can't help but have him on my list)

    Those are my definites. My runners up would include: Josh Duhamel, Joshua Jackson and John Mayer.

  10. How funny that we posted this on the same day! Great minds...

    Oh me oh my....Matt Damon is def up there for me too! As is Brian Greenberg. I was so sad when october Road was canned- I loved that show.

    Seriously though...I think I watch too much TV! Happy Friday!

  11. TOO CUTE! The only man for me is Skipp but your picks are very very handsome!!!!!!


  12. Ummm. My list would
    look almost EXACTLY
    like the one you presented.
    It was almost creepy
    reading through.



    Justin-of course!

    James-what a stud.


    Matt-makes my top guys.

    Ben Affleck-yumm-o.

    Ryan-I love me some Noah.

    Brian Greenberg-LOVED
    October Road.

    Richard Gere-so sexy.

    Kyle Howard-so cute.

    And I have some more...but
    I just look like a man
    whore currently.

  13. You cannot have Scott Speedman because he's my hubby! (okay not really but I wont share!)

  14. Wow! I didn't know that Joshua Jackson was arrested! He's definitely on my fav list. Fringe is my new #1 show =) For my list, Ben Affleck of course, and Jensen Ackles of Supernatural.

  15. Great list! Love Scott Speedman and Joshua Jackson too!

  16. mariana- yes you are correct, I was wrong about who Simon Barker is married to, oops! Still married to Rebecca Riggs?

  17. I love this idea :) Can't wait to make my list! Scott Speedman is a cutie, and I just adore Dave Annable.

  18. I like Ryan Gossling too. He seems so down to earth, guy next door.


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