Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Last week I took (had?) a staycation. H and his family went back east to visit family so I had the week off. I decided to stay in Los Angeles since I had just gone to San Francisco and Mexico. The week FLEW by! I did have to watch H's dog so I was up early every morning which meant I got quite a bit done. How cute is the dog sleeping on my (empty) laptop bag?

I made a list of things I had to do and things I wanted to do (if I had extra time).
I donated a bunch of toiletries to a local shelter (thanks to my couponing, I've been able to find some great deals!), went to Target (multiple times YIKES), returned things to Gap, Old Navy, and J.Crew, mailed off packages via UPS, went to Michaels, Cabana (my local Lilly store) and Marshalls (and some other stores I can't remember), met my sister for Yogurtland (the best!), went to the dentist (I always put this off!), got my eyebrows done and ran a bunch of other errands/worked in my apartment (paying bills, organizing my closet, etc). I wish I had written down what I did every day because I can't remember now. Oh well!

It was so nice to be out and about in the morning then come home and relax in the afternoon. By 10 PM I was ready to read and go to bed. I had watched a show or two and returned emails/did all my internet surfing. During a normal work week I barely get anything done after work and finally get ready for bed at 1130 (and that's on a good night).

Have you taken a staycation? What do you like to do during a staycation or a day off of work?


  1. I just love having ME time at home alone! It's sooo wonderful and relaxing. As much as I love my hubby it's nice to have that time!

  2. Staycations are sometimes the hidden joy of my winter seasons. I love going through my closets and finding "stuff" that needs to go somewhere else other than my closet.

  3. Wow, it sounds like you were super busy! The picture of your dog is adorable. I could reallly use a staycation. I would sleep, watch movies, run (I know, its sad, but I haven't had time this week!!), and bake cookies. Sounds like heaven to me!

  4. We had a staycation last summer. Ate at some restaurants we've been wanting to try, hit the outlets, went to a minor league baseball game and some other fun things we never seem to get around to doing in our area. I definitely recommend them!


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