Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Look what was on my doorstep!

My Christmas in July swap package from Maria!

Hand-made coffee cup cozy!

Pink and green tissue holder/cozy:

"K" charm (can't wait to add this to my charm bracelet):

Hmm what's in here?

The most AWESOME Melbourne necklace (scrabble tile with part of 1950s Rand McNally Atlas decoupaged):

Regifted goodie is a cute little Mr. Softee's icecream truck (a NYC summer staple). I love the song it plays!:

Red and green amigurumi (kind of Japanese crochet) ornaments:

Cute Kate Spade card:

Maria is (obviously) way more creative than I am ;)
I am so happy she is my partner for 2 swaps!


  1. That tissue holder is precious, I love it! :)

  2. Wow... Maria loaded you up! Christmas in July looks so fun.

  3. helllo yes, I am addicted to your blog now. I'm on right now and look what I found...

    <3 Nadia

  4. She did a great job! Enjoy your goodies...

    And I assume that all is well in your neck of the woods after the earthquake...

  5. Love the tissue holder!

    Thanks for the comment on my nursing post :)

  6. this is precious stuff!!!! i want to do a swap!!

  7. That's one fabulous swap partner!!!

  8. Wow! Did you have a great partner or what?! The charm and Melbourne necklace and ice cream truck are all just too cool, although I guess you had to like Mr. Softee probably to appreciate the truck.

    What fabulous stuff from Maria!

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