Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sing, sing a song

I was tagged by Red and White Preppy to share 5 songs I am embarrassed to admit to others that I like (I actually am rarely embarrassed by my music choices but I definitely should be!)

1. "What Dreams are Made Of" by Lizzie McGuire/Hil Duff- I just love this song. I used to blast it while driving with my friends (which probably got really annoying). I own the Lizzie movie soundtrack and there are so many good songs on there!
2. "Faded" by Soul Decision-this song was "cool" for like 2 minutes years ago. I still listen to it.
3. "Lady in Red" by Chris De Burgh- I LOVE this song. It is about as cheesy as you can get but I don't care
4. "Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom" by the Vengaboys- I really don't have a reason or excuse.
5. "Blue (Da ba dee)" by Eiffel 65-You know you love(d) this song too!

I tag:
Nor-Cal Girl
Barefoot in the Park
Etiquettely Correct
Houndstooth and Nail


  1. HEY NOW HEY NOW! I absolutely cannot judge you for liking any of those songs.

  2. I LOVE the Lizzie McGuire song.

  3. Holy crap, I LOVE I'm blue da ba dee da ba da da ba dee da ba da da ba dee da ba da. I even had the SINGLE cd to this one. Remember when we had to buy single cd's when we only wanted one song from an album?! haha

  4. I love that Lizzie McGuire song too! That was a GREAT movie!

  5. I Love Hillary Duff's songs too....the songs from "Raise your Voice" are great as well!!!

  6. I might have to "borrow" this one...and as payment for letting me...

    1) Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie
    2) Stand And Deliver by Adam Ant
    3) Love Plus One by Haircut 100
    4) Ugly Girl by Weird Al
    5) If Your Happy And You Know It by Barney & Friends

    Don't judge me...I have really diverse taste.

  7. AHHH, LOVE Lizzie and Venga Boys too!

  8. all hilarious songs. the lizzie mcguire thing cracked me up because i used to sing along to the "laguna beach" theme song with old hillary duff.

  9. haha I love that 'blue' song. In my crazier days I remember dancing on bar to it in Holland. Oops, probably shouldn't have shared that one!

  10. Thanks for the tag! I might have to wait until after work so I can search through my Itunes...I'm sure there are some goodies hidden in there!

  11. I like "Faded" too. Oddly enough, I was just listening to it yesterday...


  12. Wow, I LOVED the Lizzie Movie and that song, and Venga Boys and Eiffel 65 are on my "work out playlist"...great choices!

  13. gotta agree with you on faded --I'm totally putting that one on my list.

  14. I loved Blue also, and definitely bought the single CD. My best friend and I spent about an hour trying to convince her little sister that the lyrics were NOT "I'm blue, if I was green I would die."

  15. I love the song Faded :) I thought I was the only one

  16. Faded is one of my all time favorite karaoke songs!


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