Tuesday, July 15, 2008

With my latest paycheck I bought

these two things (and put the rest into my savings account):

From Under the Palm Tree I bought this Lilly anchor charm bracelet (it was on sale for half the price!)

And from Delias
I got these loafers with faux fur lining. I had a pair like this from Target but I pretty much ruined them in Melbourne so time for a new pair

Coupon code: GET15 (15% off the new collection)

Yesterday was exhausting. These kids have way too much going on and it is nearly impossible to get them to bed on time. I stocked up at the dollar bins at Target so this week bribery is my new best friend!

I am so annoyed with the JCrew website! Everything I want still says "Null." Does that mean it isn't actually on sale or what??


  1. I just found your blog and really like it! Nice purchases!

  2. Cute bracelet & shoes.

    I am so glad you left your name on my blog. Your blog is great.

  3. Those shoes look cozy!

  4. i thought of you when i was posting that pic! i got that bathing suit from tjmaxx for like $15 and it also has a little anchor on the bottoms...super hot.

  5. I love that bracelet! You so needed it.

  6. Fun shopping day! I love your new layout too :)

  7. Very cute! I don't think I'd take the shoes off-they look so comfy!

  8. Thanks for popping by my blog. I love the shoes. I bet you are glad to be back in America - it has so much better shopping than Australia.

    I am an australian so I can say that:)


  9. Every time I see an anchor, I think of you. I know I'm not the first person to tell you that, but I still think you should know!

  10. Oh, what a FAB find! I loove that bracelet- and it's LILLY!

  11. Cute bracelet! Love the gold and pink combo!


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